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Accommodation in Kibale Forest national Park

Accommodation in Kibale National park; this involves the selection of the finest lodges and hotels cab can give travelers visiting Kibale a comfortable environment while enjoying the untamed nature in the park. In tourism, accommodation cannot be separated from the total experienced enjoyed by visitors. Therefore travelers/visitors in Kibale Forest National park won’t have the feel of their unique reason for travel when they cannot find better accommodation facilities to augment their experience.

The location of accommodation facilities in Kibale forest national park is amazing with scenic views, untamed wildlife, and varied better topographic features that people a topographic feature that is appealing to the visitors visiting Kibale Forest National Park. Kibale Forest National Park is well served with ranges of accommodation facilities so visitors are guaranteed safe accommodation all the time they wish to visit Kibale Park. The accommodation facilities range from budget to luxurious hotels lodge, bandas, and nature campsites.

The accommodation facilities in Kibale Forest National Park are positioned in a way that enable the visitors to get engulfed with magnificent views of the mountains dubbed mountain of the moon and the famous Kibale Forest National Park. A section of the lodges and cottages are located inside the park while others are located a few kilometers outside the park where visitors can have comfortable nights and do safaris in Kibale forest National Park. However, other accommodation facilities especially hotels can be found in Fort portal town the Town/City adjacent to Kibale Forest National Park

Budget accommodation facilities in Kibale forest National park encompasses the lodges and cottages as well as campsites that visitors can utilize at low cost while being provided with worth standard facilities. Kibale Forest National Park is served with different budget accommodation facilities near the park where you can have your best nights on your holiday to Kibale. Some of the budget accommodation in Kibale Forest National Park is briefly described below;

Rwenzori view guest house; this budget accommodation located in Boma, a suburb in Fort Portal town. The guest house is located in the shadow of Mountain Rwenzori and your stay here will provide you a clear view of mountain Rwenzori ranges capped with snow. Visitors to Kibale can spend a night here and wakeup for chimp trekking since its shorter distance to the park

The guest house was started by Dutch national couples in 1997 and was designed by an architect from Swaziland. Thus, visitors have a chance of experiencing the design of European architecture. The Rwenzori guest house is cherished and covered enshrined in ranges of nature wandering tropical trees, and rare plant species. The budgetary accommodation is presented in has end suite rooms and one family room and are shaped in single double and deluxe. With self-wash rooms, warm water by solar for emergency as well as ever WIFI for clients. Also, in present is a restaurant and lounge with a gift shop where you can buy a variety of local crafts.

Lake Nyankurumba Nature reserve and community campsite

This is the budgetary accommodation facility used by travelers to Kibale forest National Park. Its name is associated with its close location at the edge of crater lake Nkurumba which is adjacent to chimpanzee tour destinations n Kibale forest National Park. This Nyankurimba nature reserve was established as a nonprofit ecotourism venture aimed at promoting conservation and improvement of the community livelihood. All the six bandas here are used by tourists and are strategically located in that visitors can have a birders view of Rwenzori mountains.

Lake Nyankurumba Nature reserve and community Campsite is one of the greatest budgetary accommodation for travelers since it is situated at the top of the hill. Visitors who wish to stay at Lake Nyankurumba Nature and community Campsites have got an opportunity to enjoy different services and facilities which among others include; twin beds of up to four visitors, six bandas with 1-4 bandas directly give looks of Rwenzori while 5-6 bandas in the main compound constantly supervised by several groups of white and black colobus monkeys and shared washrooms facilities with flush toilets and bathrooms.

Nyaburitwa country resort and safari camp

This is one of the budgetary accommodation facilities frequently used by visitors on the chimpanzee trekking mission in Kibale Forest National Park. Nyaburitwa country resort and safari camp are located twenty kilometers away from Fort portal town/City on the periphery of Kibale Forest National Park where Chimpanzee safaris are steered. It offers the best budget accommodation facility that can assist you to plan the budget safaris to Kibale Forest National Park. The accommodation facilities provided ranges from cottage with and without terrace and opportunities for campsites.

Visitors to Nyaburitwa country resort and safari camp have an opportunity to find fantastic services of this establishment such as cottage accommodation, solar power system, dining facilities overlooking the lake at the re-known top of the world, community women craft centers for craft shopping, camping ground with modern facilities among others. These facilities are available to the visitors of Kibale Forest National park on a budgetary cost.

Mid-range accommodation facilities in Kibale Forest National Park allows travelers to adore an averagely comfortable holiday. Mid-range accommodation facilities are slightly close to luxury accommodation facilities which are of high-end market travelers/visitors, however, both categories of accommodation have a significant value to visitors for primate safaris in Kibale forest National park. The prominent Midrange accommodation facilities that visitors to Kibale forest National Park use include among others the following;

Chimpanzee nest lodge

Chimpanzee nest lodge is one of the best mid-range accommodation facilities situated in Kibale forest National park. The lodge is constructed on a big piece of land at the border of Kibale forest with superb views of Rwenzori snowcapped ranges and biodiversity of the Kibale forest. The chimpanzee nest lodge is located in Nyabubale village in the center of Nkingo and Bigodi and this takes about 13minuties to reach Kanyanchu Tourism Information Center in Kibale Park. The naming of this lodge is attributed to lodge being visited by chimps, monkeys, and huge forest elephants.

Visitors at Chimp nest lodge will enjoy excellent services of self-contained cottages of four to six visitors close to the restaurant, family cottages, and self-contained budget rooms. These cottages of chimp nest in Kibale are situated on top of the hill which provides visitors on their balcony to spectacular views of the forest and mountain Rwenzori in addition to wildlife. Facilities available include, laundry services, no credit card facilities, room services, restaurant, ample parking premises among others.

Chip forest guest house

This is located at the edge of Kibale forest national park 22km from Fort portal on Kamwenge road. Chimp forest guest house is situated well on the vicinity of tea plantations of Isunga, trimmed lawns, pastured, and on indigenous trees. It offers panoramic views of Kibale forest park, several crater lakes, and Rwenzori mountains, it is well furnished with two self-cottages designed in western style offering outlooks of Kibale forest National par and tea plantations.

Further accommodation outside the main house is provided in either large twin self-contained bandas while looking Lake Nyabikere or in 3 self-contained cottages opposite to Kibale Forest Park. Services offered include pleasant menus, cold drinks, fresh-baked bread, homegrown fruits and vegetables, pancake, and percolated coffee for breakfasts. The position of this lodge makes Kibale park headquarters to be only 400 meters and chimp trekking at the visitor information center is only 10 km

Kibale forest camp

this is yet another mid-range accommodation facility where you can stay en-route to Kibale forest National park for chimpanzee trekking. It provides the standard accommodation services and facilities worth your money. Further Kibale forest camp is located near the park boundaries just a walk or distance of two kilometers from the tourist information center. The accommodation services offered are categorized into ten spacious tents positioned in the lavish Kibale forest. The tent gives real African experience the visitors that can add on their total vacation trip to Kibale Forest National Park.

Mountain of the moon lodge

This the standard midrange hotel located in the city of fort portal just about 290 kilometers from Uganda capital city Kampala.  Mountain of the moon lodge has the capacity of up to 33 rooms which include deluxe, double rooms single rooms, suites, standard super doubles, and twins’ rooms.   Kibale Forest National Park.   The hotel has a different bend of oriental and French chic styles that makes you feel a comfortable second home outside your original home.  The hotel has acted as the base for relaxation especially for tourists on wildlife safaris in Queen Elizabeth National park, Semuliki National Park, and other destinations in western Uganda. Other such as room services, DSTV, Wi-Fi, restaurants, and enough parking space is available.

Other mid-range accommodation facilities in Kibale forest national park include the newly constructed turaco treetop, Rwetera safari Park, Westend motel, crater valley Kibale resort among others.

The luxury accommodation facilities in Kibale forest National park are also called upmarket accommodation facilities. These provide high-level standard services that are expensive as compared to midrange and accommodation facilities. Kibale forest National park has some of these lodges where you can spend your night on your chimp trekking safaris and other wildlife safaris. The most luxurious lodges of Kibale park include;

Ndali lodge

This is a luxury accommodation facility in Kibale forest Park situated adjacent to the park headquarters in the NdaliKasende trading center. The unique and experience that embed visitors at Ndali lodge in Kibale National Park cannot be imitated anywhere. Overlooking the striking Nyinambuga crater lakes is fantastic while magnificent views of mountain Rwenzori in a distance makes travelers love Ndali lodge more.  Ndali lodge structures a grass-thatched house with an expansive sitting room, dining room with reception surrounded by 8 cottages that accommodate up to sixteen visitors.

Every cottage has ample space to take up a family group tour and is accompanied by showers, bath, and wifi, they have well-refurbished verandah where you can sit and view the sunset over the mighty Rwenzori mountains. Other facilities include; swimming pool, lounge, library, laundry, and dining room. Visitors staying here can walk around 1000 acres where Ndali lodge sits to Mahoma waterfalls, chimp trekking in Kibale. Ndali lodge also offers you the perfect place for weekends to relax and enjoy sauna, massage and this will make you fit for splendid flora and fauna watching as this can as well be done from the better position on the at the verandah of the lodge. You will enjoy this luxurious accommodation services on your stay in Kibale National park.

Primate lodge

Primate lodge is another luxury lodge in Kibale Fore National Park.  This is a lodge located in the heart of Kibale Forest National Park, just 100m away from tourist’s arrival point at Kanyanchu within the park. Primate Lodge is about 35km from the fort portal city and about 5 hours and 30 minutes from the city center Kampala. Primate Lodge is as eco-friendly lodge only found within the park which makes commencement of park discovery activities like chimp trekking so easy to travelers.

Primate lodge accommodation facilities are reputable and structured in 8 larger cottages and 7 forest cottages, 1 treehouse, and a camping site. All these facilities are constructed in local craft materials to meet the ecotourism sustainability principles within Kibale forest National park. Other facilities at the lodge include a well-stocked bar, souvenir shop, camp fore area, ample parking spaces restaurant, lounge area, and recharging facilities at the main lodge and wifi services well served in all rooms and public space.

Kyaninga lodge

Kyaninga Lodge is a luxury accommodation located at the backdrop of stunning Rwenzori mountains just at the edge of crater lake Kyaninga. This lodge was purposely built to satisfy the desired of luxurious travelers for primate watching and tracking in Kibale Forest National Park. Still, accommodation at Kyaninga Lodge is structured in 8 cottages with raised platforms, privacy, raised walkways, solar lighting, hot and cold safe drinking water, two-family cottages with space to accommodate the child, and double /twin bed.

Facilities that you can enjoy while staying at Kyaninga lodge include; a restaurant, bar, two raised galleries, swimming pool, two desc lounges on the main building overlooking Kyaninga lake, and double-sided fireplace. Additionally,

Papaya lodge

This is another luxury accommodation located in the crater fields of Kibale known NdaliKasende crater fields providing facilities with serenity to comfort you in Kibale forest National Park.

It can be seen from the above that there are myriad accommodation facilities in Kibale Forest national park where you can stay and enjoy your chimpanzee trekking and habituation safaris in the wild.  The selection of the type of accommodation facility whether budget, mid-range, or luxury depends on your budget for the vacation trip. You can book ay of the mentioned accommodation facility with the help of the qualified tour operators. As African adventure vacations, we wish you a happy stay at Kibale Forest National Park.