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Is it good to first climb Mt. Meru before Kilimanjaro Safari?

Is it good to first climb Mt Meru before Kilimanjaro Safari?

Is it good to first climb Mt. Meru before Kilimanjaro Safari?

Is it good to first climb Mt Meru before Kilimanjaro Safari? At 4,566 meters (14,980 feet) in height, Mount Meru is a dormant stratovolcano situated in Tanzania’s Arusha National Park, 70 kilometers (43 miles) west of Mount Kilimanjaro. A hike to the summit of Mount Meru can be completed in three days, while the typical climb takes four. Depending on how you define it, it is the fifth-highest mountain in Africa and can be seen on a clear day from Mount Kilimanjaro. With minimal traffic and an incredible natural experience as you pass wild creatures, climbing Mount Meru, Tanzania’s second-highest mountain, is excellent.

Yes, you will be able to climb Mount Kilimanjaro more easily if you are exposed to greater elevations. You can test your capacity to adjust to the altitude at home by hiking up high peaks. It is still a smart idea even if whatever acclimation you might feel would probably only last a short while and wouldn’t exist when you get to Tanzania. On Kilimanjaro, you don’t want to discover that your body reacts negatively to altitude. Some people simply cannot adjust. It would be best to find out in your own country if such were the case.

The ascent of Mount Meru now usually takes place soon after the ascent of Kilimanjaro. Nearly 15,000 feet of elevation make up Mount Meru’s summit. The two primary high camps used on Kilimanjaro, Kibo Hut and Barafu Camp, are at around that altitude. The highest campsite you’ll stay at while on your vacation would be one where you have a much higher chance of becoming acclimated. Your likelihood of getting altitude sickness decreases. As a result, after climbing Meru, you can ascend Kilimanjaro with fewer days or even no days between climbs (5 or 6).

Keep your aggression in check on any walk. Your body can be under too much strain if you climb Meru right after a strenuous Kilimanjaro climb. Additionally, the likelihood of altitude sickness is increased by vigorous activity. In contrast to a strenuous Kilimanjaro climb alone, the Meru/Kilimanjaro combo can thus both increase and decrease the likelihood of summit success. Your ability as a hiker will determine how well this timetable goes. However, it’s generally a good idea to climb Meru, particularly if you intend to do so for climbing’s sake and not merely to acclimate. When it comes to climbing in Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa, receives the most attention, but other peaks are worthwhile taking into account as well. The most notable of these is Mount Meru, which lies near Kilimanjaro to the west and makes for a fantastic pre-hike for those who have the time and are looking for a more challenging trip. Climbing Mount Meru is incredibly rewarding.

Mount Meru is a terrific stand-alone hike in and of itself and is a more manageable climb than Kilimanjaro at 4565 meters (14,980 feet) in height. Many hikers opt to climb Mount Meru as an acclimatization hike before beginning their ascent of Africa’s tallest peak. By doing this, they can shorten the time it takes to reach Uhuru Peak at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and boost their chances of succeeding.

Particularly in the early days of the journey, visitors to Mount Meru are more likely to see wildlife along the trail. To make sure trekking groups get to the first campsite safely, a ranger frequently travels with them on the first day of the trip. The trail meanders along the north edge of the volcanic crater before reaching the actual peak of Meru. The views from the top are spectacular, especially with Kilimanjaro sparkling enticingly in the distance. Although a journey to the top of Mount Meru usually takes four days, it can be completed in three days because acclimatization is essential for success even on this lower peak. All trekking teams ascend the mountain via the same path, which starts at Momella Gate.

Before reaching the summit, at a place called Socialist Peak, hikers will stay in a succession of huts, with simple but welcoming accommodations situated at two different campsites. Travelers can benefit from climbing Mount Meru in two ways. It offers a grand adventure for those who don’t have much time on their hands or don’t want to deal with the higher altitude found on Kilimanjaro. But perhaps more importantly, it truly is a wonderful way to prepare for the more difficult challenges that they’ll face on Kilimanjaro, taking some of the mystery and acclimatization processes out of the equation. Therefore, if possible, it is good to first climb Mt Meru before Kilimanjaro Safari, which is brilliant. Climbing Mt. Meru first will help you prepare for the Kilimanjaro Mountain, which is extremely interesting.

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