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How to access Meru National Park in Kenya

How to get to Meru National Park in Kenya:  Visitors can easily get to Meru National Park by using both air and the available water transport. All these means of transportation are available for the visitors and they get to you the gates of the Meru National Park

How to access Meru National Park in Kenya

How to access Meru National Park in Kenya?  Visitors can easily get to Meru National Park by using both air and the available water transport. All these means of transportation are available for the visitors and they get to you the gates of the Meru National Park. Meru national park is also one of the best destinations and the one that is visited by tourists in Kenya because it shelters the big 5 animals of Africa that include lions, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards, waterbucks, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes among other several tourist attraction of the natural interest. Other than the wild animals, it has been recorded that Meru National Park in Kenya features over 430 species of birds that are currently recorded within the park

Most of the international visitors land at the Jomo Kenyatta international airport or Kilimanjaro airport and here they are picked by the safaris guide who drives them to Meru National Park; visitors can access the Meru national park through 2 routes and these include the route that leads you to the Murere gate and that one that enters the park through Ura gate. Both public and private vehicles can be used to access these gates.

Requirements for entering Meru National park in Kenya

It’s important that visitors who are interested in visiting the Meru national park in Kenya get their documents ready in order to avoid inconveniences. Our visitors are hereby advised to send personal information or documents for the verification process before the time of arrival at the park through your trusted tour operator. These documents are important in easing and provision of the information related to your country of origin making the reservation process so easy. Some of the documents that you will need to carry include the Visa and the Passport. The routes used to drive to the Meru National Park are so interesting and explorative as you will enjoy the landscape sceneries of the Tharaka areas of the Embu, including the Tharaka-Nithi counties as you encounter different natives on their own business.

Accessing Meru National Park by public transport

Visitors visiting Meru National Park can decide to use the public transport vehicles especially the Matatus and the buses which leave Nairobi city on daily basis to places such as the teal room off the Accra road. Matatus can easily be arranged and this is very possible in case there is a need

Accessing Meru National Park by private vehicles

This wonderful park can easily be accessed along the mountain Kenya ring road just using the southern direction on the East side through the Embu to Meru. You can as well drive to Meru national park via the Maua highway and then turn off to Meru National Park that is just located after passing Maili Tatu Market a place that the people Kenya call the farm. Aster this place on your left-hand side, you will be able to see the signpost showing the Meru National Park and then Ikweta Safari camp.

The driving kilometers from Nairobi to Meru National Park

Visitors traveling from Nairobi through the Embu to Ura Gate, you will be able to drive for about 312 kilometers to access Meru National Park.  While using the Makutano highway, the driving kilometers area only 70 kilometers to reach Maru National Park. You can also use the highways that pass through the Nanyuki town that takes a driving of 331 kilometers for you to be able to reach or access Meru National Park and lastly you can drive from Nairobi city passing through Nyeri through the Meru park entrance gate at Murera and this takes about 295 kilometers.

Using air transport to access Maru National Park

In Kenya, all the national parks can be accessed by air transport. In these cases, guests arrange for domestic or scheduled flights through their tour operators as part of the guests while package. These can be organized and they pack you from Willson International Airport your landing and they airlift you to Meru National Park. The Companies that operate flights to Meru National Park include the Safari Link, Mombasa air offers, Air Kenya, and others that operate daily flights to Amboseli National Park

Getting to Meru National Park in Kenya

Meru National park is traced in the Northeast of Kenya’s capital Nairobi just 335 kilometers from the city and it is only six kilometers when coming from Meru town.  It occupies 870 square kilometers of Land and it boasts the savannah grassland, wood grassland featuring several wildlife species that visitors are guaranteed viewing when visiting the Meru National Park.

Meru National Park is accessed by both road and air transport through self-drive or through the arrangement of the tour operators. What you need is to have your documents ready for verification and send them in advance to help us book your safari activities so much easier.