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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

How long does it take for a gorilla permit to expire?

How long does it take for a gorilla permit to expire? A gorilla permit is a document that allows tourists to participate in gorilla trekking activities

How long does it take for a gorilla permit to expire?

How long does it take for a gorilla permit to expire: A gorilla permit is a document that allows tourists to participate in gorilla tracking activities on a gorilla safari issued by the government body responsible for conservation of Wildlife. Do you intend to book a gorilla trekking permit in order to go gorilla trekking in Africa and learn more about the activity? From where to get a gorilla trekking permit in  Africa and, most importantly, gorilla permit expiration dates, here is everything you need to know to properly plan your gorilla trekking safari in Africa. Gorilla trekking in Africa is one of the most popular tourist activities, attracting visitors from all over the world to see gorilla species that can be found in various African countries. Some of Africa’s most well-known gorilla trekking destinations include. Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park, Virunga National Park in Congo, where you can see Eastern Lowland Gorillas in Kahuzi-biega National Park and gorilla trekking in Uganda Bwindi and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Volcanoes National Park Gorilla Trekking: A gorilla trekking permit in Africa will provide you with a knowledgeable guide who will lead you along trails in the park to the resident gorilla families, and because gorillas are accustomed to human presence, they are wild animals and will be triggered in any way. You will be accompanied by a ranger who will protect you from the attacks of these ferocious animals, ensuring that travelers have a safe gorilla trekking experience.

Where can I get a gorilla trekking permit in Africa?:  gorilla trekking permit is required in order to observe and spend an hour with gorillas in the wild. Because gorilla trekking in Africa is very popular, you should plan ahead of time to avoid missing out on a fantastic adventure. In Uganda, gorilla trekking permits cost 700USD, but there have been a number of discounts implemented to increase tourist involvement in the country covid-19 and to promote tourism, for example, foreign non-residents can get 400USD. Additionally, citizens of the East African Community can receive between 200,000 and 150,000 Ugandan shillings. This can be obtained online through a reputable tour operator or from the Uganda Wildlife Authority, which can obtain permits for Ugandan tourism activities.

The gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda was originally priced at 1500USD, but there is a promotional discount valid from January 1 to December 31, 2022, at 200USD for East African Community citizens and 500USD for foreigners. Permits for gorilla trekking in Rwanda are available from the Rwanda Development Authority or any reputable travel agency. A Congolese gorilla trekking permit costs $400 USD for gorilla trekking in Kahuzi-biega and Virunga National Parks.

When does the permit for gorilla trekking expire?: One of the most frequently asked questions by tourists interested in gorilla trekking in Africa is how long a gorilla trekking permit is valid?. After one visit to a wild gorilla family and spend one hour with the gorillas, the gorilla trekking permit expires and no further time with the wild gorillas is permitted. It has also been reviewed that a number of restrictions that have been imposed on the reservation of permits in the country, because of Covid 19 of the world, a number of tourists miss the activity due to delays, viruses, and failure to reschedule, so in the event of such inconvenience, another option  can be considered , so in the event of such an inconvenience,  the permit can be  rescheduled. The most important thing to remember is that you will incur additional costs in order to book another gorilla trekking permit  and thus the gorilla trekking permit express once you have seen the gorillas and in the event of the pandemic but with this there is an option for rescheduling.