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Filming in Udzungwa National Park

Filming in Udzungwa National Park

Filming in Udzungwa National Park

Filming in Udzungwa national park is one of the best activities to be done in one of the largest national parks in Tanzania, with the most diverse chain of a dozen large forest-swathed mountains that rise majestically from the flat coastal scrub of eastern Tanzania, and it has been referred to as the Eastern Arc Mountains, the archipelago of isolated massifs due to its wealth of indigenous flora and animals. Most notably, the wildlife in Udzungwa park is extremely interesting and wonderful. Although Udzungwa Mountains National Park is home to practically every animal one might expect to see on the African continent, neither locals nor foreign tourists have given it the respect it deserves for its beauty. The 23-year-old Udzungwa Mountains National Park (UMNP) is situated 380 kilometers from Dar es Salaam, the commercial center of Tanzania, and 60 kilometers south of Mikumi National Park along the Mikumi-Ifakara road. A total of 1,990 square kilometers make up the park. German settlers most likely chose the name “Wasungwa” to allude to one of the tribes that inhabit the mountain slopes.

From Tanzania’s flat coastal regions to its eastern region, Udzungwa National Park contains the longest and most diversified chain of a dozen substantial forest mountains. The Eastern Arc Mountains and an archipelago of remote massifs with a variety of indigenous plants and animals can be found in the park. The Sanje waterfall, which plunges 170 meters (550 feet) to the ground, is just one of the many attractions in the Udzungwa National Park. The Mwanihana Trail ascends to a high plateau where you can capture the expansive vistas of the nearby sugar cane fields on camera. More than 400 bird species can be seen in the park, and there are six species of known primates, including the Iringa, red colobus, and Sanje crested Mangabey. Therefore, this is one of the best destinations where you can come and have the best filming safari experiences. This is extremely interesting. Come and explore the best filming destinations in Tanzania by filming different scenes and attractions in Udzungwa National Park.

filming waterfalls in Udzungwa National Park

filming waterfalls in Udzungwa National Park

What to film in Udzungwa National Park

There are a lot of things that you can film in Udzungwa National Park that are so very interesting. The magnificent Udzungwa Mountains National Park is endowed with several tourist attractions. After a long trip through Africa and crowded national parks, this is an excellent location to unwind and breathe some cold, fresh air. The park is a popular tourist attraction in Tanzania that shouldn’t be missed because of its distinctive landscapes, which are shaped by the enormous ridges of the Eastern Arc Mountains. The following are the best things that you can film in Udzungwa National Park.

Waterfalls in Udzungwa National Park: The distinctive waterfalls, which provide visitors with the best visual and sightseeing experience, are the national pride of the Udzungwa Mountains. The highest waterfall in Tanzania is the Sanje Waterfall, which is located in the center of the park. The waterfall is made up of three distinct breaks, or phases. Depending on the traveler’s level of physical fitness, we can visit each stage during your one-day climb to the top of the waterfall. The longest stage is the first one, which is 170 meters long. The next two stages are shorter, at 30 meters and 70 meters, respectively. At the base of the falls, you are welcome to take a bath at no cost. A deep pool of water is available at each stage for experienced swimmers to enjoy. The park also features several smaller waterfalls, including Prince Bernhard, which was named after the prince who created the falls, as well as Mwaya, Sonjo, and Njokamoni.

Filming the mountain peaks in Udzungwa National Park: The name of the park’s tallest peak served as the inspiration for the park’s name. One of the park’s main draws is the mountain ranges that dominate the landscape. The Udzungwa Mountains are made up of ranges that provide fantastic views of the park’s canopy. There is no need for greater trekking experience to reach these summits. To complete the hike on your safari to the park, you simply need a basic degree of fitness. Hikers and birders use the trekking trails in the forests and mountains to explore the park. Researchers who are interested in learning more about some of the gorgeous forest’s uncommon tree species are the main visitors. Since the time of its gazette, the park has remained one of Tanzania’s last unspoiled forests.

Filming the primates and birds in Udzungwa Mountains National Park: The Udzungwa Mountains National Park is the only place in the world where it is possible to see some uncommon primates. The Sanje crested Mangabey and the Iringa red colobus are the two most notable of the six documented primate species. The Kilombero floodplains are a great place to go birding because they have a variety of wetlands and forest birds. Only two kilometers separate the main road from Mangula Town, which is next to the Hondo Hondo camp. Over 400 bird species, including both forest and marsh species, have been recorded in the park. African fowl, Forest Partridge, Green-headed Oriole, and other bird species are a few of the species.

Filming the cultural and historical sites in Udzungwa Mountains National Park: The Udzungwa Mountains National Park also has more historical and cultural sites with stronger historical ties. The park is credited as being the historical home of numerous Tanzanian tribes that have long resided in southern Tanzania. Before they moved throughout the other southern portions of Tanzania, the majority of these tribes settled in the mountains. All of these can be filmed during your safari experience, which is extremely interesting.

When is the best time to film in Udzungwa National Park?

Filming in Udzungwa National Park is an adventure that is done all year round, but the best times for filming are during December and then from June to October. This time, weather conditions are dry and this makes filming activities so much more fantastic. The ideal opportunity for filming wildlife in Tanzania is during the dry season, which lasts from June to December. Filming in the rainy season is hectic and I would advise anyone to think of filming dry this time. However, the wet season is associated with the green color of nature because of the regeneration of vegetation, and this at times makes filming an adventure that is done all day or all year through. The wet season disturbs the film crew members, and it happens especially from March to May and November. Therefore, it is good that you film in Udzungwa National Park from December to February and then June to October, which is relatively dry compared to March to May and November.

Lodge at Twiga Hotel Udzungwa

Lodge at Twiga Hotel Udzungwa

Where to stay while filming in Udzungwa National Park in Tanzania

While filming in Udzungwa National Park, there are a variety of lodges to choose from, ranging in price from cheap to luxurious. Depending on your preferences and financial situation, you will decide where to stay. Udzungwa Forest Tented Camp, Mwilamba Lodge, Udzungwa Falls Lodge, and Twiga Hotel Udzungwa are some of the lodging options in Udzungwa National Park.

The cost of filming in Tanzania

Visitors who are interested in filming any destination in Tanzania are informed that there is some money that they will need to pay to do commercial filming in Tanzania. The filming permit will be issued by the Tanzanian government through the Tanzania Filming Board. Here at Africa Adventure Vacations, we will completely assist you in getting the filming permit in Tanzania and make sure that everything you need will be sorted in the quickest time possible. Once you have got the permit, which costs $1000, and this fee is for the regular permit, once you have this, then you will be able to go to the park where you will be filming, pay for the entrance, and immediately start the activity of filming.

Requirements for filming in Udzungwa National Park in Tanzania

Filming permits and their costs: You will need a filming permit to participate in any filming activity in Tanzania. All those who are interested in filming in Tanzania will have to book their filming permits from the Tanzania Film Censorship Board and the Department of Antiquities in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

Once you have this filming permit, then you can proceed and start your filming in Udzungwa National Park in Tanzania. It is very important to note that getting a filming permit in Tanzania might be expensive and time-consuming, and thus the visitors must ensure that they book early with us so that we can start the process of securing the filming permit for Tanzania early. Make sure that you undergo all the application forms for filming with the assistance of your local Tanzania production service film fixer. This is the step that you must take before anything. Once you have finished the application procedures, make sure that you submit the forms to your reputable local Tanzania Consulate. This will help to quicken and complete your application process. Later, after this exercise, you will be asked to send your original documents back to your Tanzania film fixer to finalize the process with the authorities in Tanzania.

Permits for filming can only be used for three months at a time. Giving oneself as much time as possible to accomplish this process is recommended. If you just have a short amount of time, you can get an expedited permit, but the expenses will be substantially higher. A standard permit costs $1,000. The film crew members who don’t have time and would like to book the last-minute filming permit in Tanzania will have to pay $3,000 each. Please contact us here at Africa Adventure Vacations as we can help to secure the filming permit to enable you to make and film in Udzungwa National Park in Tanzania.

Other Permission and Filming Fees in Tanzania: The moment you are done with getting the filming permit, which is the core of filming in Tanzania, remember that you might need some other permissions that you will need to gain access to Udzungwa National Park in Tanzania for filming. The other permissions that you might need may include filming inside the protected area or the national park, in case you need to do drone filming, as well as those interested in night filming safaris in Tanzania. Several laws and rules guide visitors or those who are interested in filming in Tanzania, and thus you must get the proper film fixer with high credentials to guide you so that you are not caught on the wrong side of the law. Please be reminded that you will also need to cover the accommodation costs, the visa, the film fixers’ fee, and the vehicle that you need to transport to and from Tanzania for filming.

You need a 4×4 vehicle when going to and from Udzungwa National Park in Tanzania for filming: When you trust Africa Adventure Vacations as your film fixer, then you will get the opportunity to book for yourself a strong vehicle that will transport the crew members to and from filming in Udzungwa National Park in Tanzania. We offer the vehicle based on the preferences of our clients and their budget, but also the location where you are going to film, because it may also determine the kind of vehicle that you might need. Because of the nature of the terrain, which might make you travel long distances, we kindly urge you to book our customized

Daily, these cost about $200 to $250 per vehicle, and this price includes the fuel and the driver. You can also opt for our 4×4 safari van, which is available for $200 daily. By contacting us, we shall make sure that we calculate everything, and thus we shall inform you and give you the inclusive price. Each of our vehicles is accompanied by drivers who work as area fixers, and many of them have traveled to nearly every part of Tanzania, so they are familiar with the local conditions and can provide critical information and resolve any situation on the ground. While in Tanzania, these serve as intermediaries between you and our office. And please contact us for any film fixers in Tanzania. We are available 24 hours a day to be able to help you with all the information relating to filming in Udzungwa National Park in Tanzania.

Carry your filming camera with you

Carry your filming camera with you

Filming equipment freight and customs

If you choose Tanzania as your recording destination, you will almost certainly need to bring film equipment with you. The most efficient method of air shipping freight is to “go with” the baggage on your aircraft. The alternative option is to convey it as “unaccompanied” cargo via airship. The last method is more expensive, and the hardware may spend some time in customs at the port of entry. In Tanzania, the temporary importation of film equipment is governed by a bond framework or system. You can save the entire value of the hardware with the Tanzanian government for the duration of the shoot. You can apply for a discount on this bond’s cash market value. In any event, film studios can pay a freight agent or specialist a non-refundable 10% of the total cost of the equipment in exchange for the use of his or her bond. This is a shorter and less complicated cycle.

How to access Udzungwa National Park for filming?

The park is located southwest of Mikumi, five hours’ drive from Dar es Salaam. Additionally, you can film in Mikumi National Park, which is close by and en route to Ruaha National Park. It is accessible from both Mikumi, the closest and largest town to the park, as well as the former capital city. The distance is approximately 350 kilometers, or 215 miles, from Dar es Salaam. It is only 65 kilometers to the southwest of Mikumi town if one is already there.

Why should you book your Tanzania filming safari with Africa Adventure Vacations?

Africa Adventure Vacations is a well-known tourist company based in Uganda that operates in East African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, and South Africa. We have more than ten years of experience assisting filming and production companies, particularly those interested in filming Ol Doinyo Lengai,  nature-related wildlife and African culture. We offer services such as obtaining filming permission, clearing filming equipment, reserving lodging, and arranging transportation to filming businesses, all in the shortest amount of time possible. Other wildlife tours are available in all of the countries mentioned above, including gorilla tours in Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. As a result, you should not hesitate to choose us as your East African film fixers.

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