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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Filming safaris in Kenya

Filming safaris in Kenya: This is one of the best places to film due to it's wildlife, culture, and landscapes that provides great sceneries to film

Filming safaris in Kenya

Filming safaris in Kenya: Kenya is one of the destinations where you can go and enjoy the best filming opportunities for visitors who are interested in filming safaris. This is one of the best places for filming because it has all of the wildlife, culture, and landscapes that are important for the filming fraternity, and this makes the safari experience so much more wonderful and extremely interesting. This makes the safari experience extremely interesting. The importance of having a team of well-trained safaris in terms of production and local fixers to handle all the production facilities makes the safari experience. The different production and film fixers in Kenya, including African Adventure Vacations, will handle all the groundwork in Kenya, including scouting, accommodation, transportation, and getting you the filming permits and licenses to grant you a permit to do filming in various destinations in Kenya that you will have selected.

Africa Adventure Vacations is a well-known film fixer that provides services to various countries in East Africa, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo, Burundi, South Sudan, and other developing countries. We help clients arrange services such as filming permits, processing, and lines to enable them to film in various locations throughout Kenya. We collaborate with Kenya authorities and various agents in Nairobi, Kenya to help you handle all of your production services and facilities. The Kenyan filming permit will be processed in four to five working days and is part of our work.

Where to do Filming safaris in Kenya-

Visitors who are interested in filming in Kenya will have a lot of options since the country has got all of the places that offer the best scenery, including the wilderness, beaches, and mountains, and this makes the safari experience so much more exciting and wonderful. You can also experience filming in various destinations, including cities, lakes, oceans, reserves, and national parks, and this makes the safari experience the best filming safari experience, making the filming experience so much more memorable. Filming in Kenya is done in several national parks and reserves, and these, among others, include

Ruma National Park, Hells Gate National Park, Amboseli National Park, Meru National Park, Sibilou National Park, Mountain Kenya National Park, Chyulu Hills National Park, and several reserves including Mwea National Reserve, Buffaloe Springs National Reserve, Masai Mara National Reserve, Mwingi National Reserve, Mwingi National Reserve, Mwingi National Reserve, Mwingi National Reserve, Mwingi National Reserve, Mwingi National Reserve, Mwingi National Reserve, Mwingi National Reserve,  among other destinataions

Kenya Film Fixer, Nairobi’s Leading Production Assistance

With over a decade of delivering pre-production, production, and fixer services in East Africa, Africa Adventure Vacations has trained and maintains a database of top fixers to assist you throughout filming in Nairobi, Kenya. These local and experienced fixers will handle all pre-production and production issues, beginning with scouting, and will work alongside you to ensure you get the most out of your intended shot. Please contact us if you want to learn more about fixers in Kenya.

Kenya Filming Licenses and Licenses

Are you a production business or an international film team interested in filming a documentary or shooting in Kenya? This fantastic safari experience can be extremely beneficial to you. We will handle all permits and licenses as soon as we receive the information about your project, including when you intend to shoot, how many people, and any special production needs. Let us begin the debate here.

Requirements for filming in Kenya

Application for a License

Local filming agencies and private production businesses or individuals must apply through a local agent registered with the government. This is a necessity for all applications to create feature films or documentaries.

The cost of filming safaris in Kenya

  1. Kenya Shilling (KSH) filming rates

Advertisements, documentaries, dramas, and short films; still pictures 5,000 full-length feature films and television series and Daily filming fees range from Ksh.15,000 to $1,000.

  1. b) Service fees for the Liaison Officer

The Ministry charges Ksh. 400 per day to cover the services of a government liaison officer who will be attached to the crew.

  1. b) Additional fees:

Before participating in any filming, each guest must pay Ksh. 2,000 to the Department of Immigration Services for a special pass. While the filming special permission is being processed, artists may enter Kenya on a visitor’s pass.

On presentation of a film license, a small non-refundable fee of 1% of the equipment’s worth or Ksh 30, 000 (whichever is less) is payable to the Customs Department.

Any filming in a national park is subject to the following fees:

8,000 for five (5) people for one (1) week or part of a week; 12,000 for six (6) to ten (10) people for one (1) week or part of a week; and $20,000 for more than ten (10) people.

Passes with extra benefits

The Department of Immigration issues special passes to overseas film crews. The special passes or work permits cost Kshs 15,000.00. Application criteria must be sent to the Department by the film agency supporting the overseas film production.