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Fantastic attributes of Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park Safaris: Tsavo East National park is one of the wonderful destinations to explore while on the Kenyans safaris. It features several biodiversity species and it is famous for its variety of wildlife animals that can be seen during the safaris game drives

Fantastic attributes of Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National park is one of the wonderful destinations to explore while on the Kenya safaris. It features several biodiversity species and it is famous for its variety of wildlife animals that can be seen during the safaris game drives.  The park features the big five animals that you can find in the African wildness and these include caper buffaloes. Leopards, Lions, elephants, and the rhino. Other than the birds, the park features great bird species which can also be seen during the birding with the park and such birds include black kites. The lovebird.  Sacred ibis, crowned crane among other bird species

The park sits across the river Alana on the dry land [plains and it features some of the spectacular features in the wild that include the yatta plateau and the famous Lugard falls. There are also some habitats such as the semi-arid grasslands and the open savannah grasslands with some areas mountainous while others featuring the swamps and lakes such as the lake Jipe and the Mzima Springs which provide enough grounds for the animals to be sheltered here. Those who are interested in founding the black rhinos and interested in very many bird species can easily go and visit the Tsavo East, National Park.

Mostly Tsavo east National park lies in the semi-arid areas of Kenya which were previously known as the Taru desert and it was declared a national park in 1948 near the Voi town in the Taita Taveta County formerly coast province. The Tavo east national park is part of the wider Tsavo national park and it is just separated by the A109 road and the railway line for the Tsavo West National Park and it is the border of the Chyuyu hills national park and the game reserve of Mkomazi located in Tanzania’s county.

We can say that Tsavo east is one of the oldest and the earliest national parks in Kenya and probably the largest national park with an area equivalent to 13745 square kilometers and it is controlled and managed by the Kenyan government through Kenya Wildlife Services.

Historically the park is found on the archaeological sites which were once recorded from the ground surface and there is much evidence concerning the stone age and there are many facts that the late stone age has existed for about a thousand years. The survey that was made about the late Stone Age sites was discovered near the Galana River in abundance. The purpose of these sites was to keep and shelter wildlife animals, fished and then keep the domestic animals simply because there was enough water supply which was from the Galana River. Most of the human settlements around the Tsavo National Park were made through the riparian areas and made in the rock shelter. The Tsavo national park was formally home for the Orma pastoralist and Watha hunter-gatherers.

The Orma with their livestock had to leave and a number of the Watha people were relocated forcefully to the nearby areas of the Taita Hills after the Tsavo was declared a national park. After these people were relocated to their settlement,  it is when the government of Kenya was getting its independence in 1963 and then the hunting activities within the park were totally abolished thus giving the power to the Kenyan Wildlife Services to protects and oversee the activities of the park from poachers. Apparently, Tsavo national park has been ranked as the top tourist’s destination in Kenya that you can visit and the destination that has attracted several species of animals especially the photographers who are interested in filming and those who want to experience the wildlife within the park

Tourist attractions found in Tsavo East National Park

Mutanda rock in Tsavo East National Park

This rock is the water catchment area and it is standing stunningly to provide a wonderful tourist attraction to the visitors coming to Tsavo East National Park. The Mudanda rock stretches up to 1.6 kilometers and  it provides a wonderful viewpoint  for the wildlife especially the elephants and the other wild animals that link to the  to the dam and the animals are clearly seen around during the dry season and this is very interesting

The Yatta Plateau in Tsavo East National Park

The Yatta plateau is known for the world’s longest lava flow that moves alongside the western boundary of the park in the Athi River and this plateau are totally amazing for the visitors going to Tsavo National Park

Lugard falls in Tsavo East National Park

This was the falls that were named after the European explores Mr. Frederick Lugard and it flows it White water rafting within the Galna river and this offers slashing water with so much experience and this sis o much interesting that is very wonderful.  While in Tsavo East National Park, This is the best place that you don’t need to miss.

Aruba Dam in Tsavo National Park

This is one of the wonderful dams which were constructed in 1952n on the river Voi and it offers fantastic views for tourists especially those who are interested in birding.

Birds of Tsavo East National park

Tsavo East National park is Apardise of the birds and while you’re on here you are able to see wonderful species of birds that are found within the park. The park has recorded over 500 species of birds which you can see and some of these birds include the kestrels, starlings, hornbills, herons, Ostriches, weaver birds among other bird species.

Wild animals of Tsavo East National Park

This is one of the biggest national parks rich in varied animal species. The park protects a lot of animals and it is famous for harboring the highest population of lions. It is reported that there are over 657 lions that are found in the Amboseli Tsavo area ecosystem. Most of the common animals found in Tsavo East National Park include Cokes hartebeest, plain zebras, naked mole-rat, Common warthog, slender mongoose, white-tailed mongoose, Blue duiker, ground pangolin, black rhinos, hunters hartebeest, serval, elephant shrew, bush duiker, common eland, Sykes monkeys, yellow baboon, aardwolf, Caracal, Senegal bushbaby, Harvey’s red duiker, southeast African cheetah, yellow-spotted rock hyrax, cape buffaloes, Bohol reedbuck, Clawless otter, ground squirrel among others

As the result of the above tourist’s attractions found in Tsavo National Park,  The park features several tourist attractions and these include the safari game drives which are done within the savanna grassland on a 4×4 wheel drive safari vehicle providing an amazing wildlife experience especially when having the wildlife adventure and you explore several mammals and diversity.

Also, visitors can engage in birding safaris to explore over 500 bird species that are found in the Tsavo East National Park. You need to carry birding items especially the cameras, binoculars, and the briefing list that will enhance your birding experience. There are also other safari activities that can be carried out in Tsavo East National Park and these include Nature walks, Camping safaris, and trekking all these are organized to provide visitors with enough wildlife experience in Tsavo National Park.

How to get to Tsavo East National Park

One can get to Tsavo east national Park by the use of both road and air transport.

By road, you will need to travel for a distance of about 233 kilometers from the Kenyan capital Nairobi through the Nairobi-Mombasa highways and you will enter the park through the Mtiti Ander gates. If you’re not interested in sitting for long on the road, you can decide to fly from Wilson Airport to Tsavo Airstrip such as Bachuma airstrip, Voi airstrip, Aruba airstrip, Mopeo, Aruba among other airstrip and these are so interesting.

Where to Stay in Tsavo National Park

There are almost all of the comfortable and luxury lodges in and around Tsavo national park where you can stay while exploring this park for the best wildness safaris. The Lodges include the Ashnil Amba Lodge, Tsavo Safari Camp, Kipalo Hills, Voi wildlife lodge, Tsavo Safari Camp, Utithi Lodge among other lodges. These loges are booked based on your choice and budget.

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