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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Difference between Gorillas and the chimpanzees

Difference between Gorillas and the chimpanzees: These are fascinating species that travelers can observe on gorilla trekking and chimp trekking activities

Difference between Gorillas and the chimpanzees

Difference between Gorillas and the chimpanzees: Gorillas and chimps are fascinating species that travelers can observe to learn about their behavior as they visit various national parks where they can participate in gorilla trekking and chimp trekking. African gorilla trekking allows you to learn more about endangered primates in the wild by spending an hour with them, while chimp trekking allows you to spend half of their day eating and playing, as well as an hour learning more about the lively monkeys.

Difference between Gorillas and the chimpanzees

Spending time with both primates will allow you to gain a better understanding of one of their features. You can also engage in gorilla and chimp habituation in Kibale National Park in Uganda at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to learn more about these primates.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda takes place in the Virunga Mountains of Mgahinga National Park (Mount Sabinyo, Mount Gahinga, and Mount Muhabura) and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, which are accessible to Ugandan residents. Volcanoes National Park is where travelers who go gorilla trekking in Rwanda would hike Mount Sabyinyo, Mount Gahinga, Mount Muhabura, and the Virunga Mountains. You may undertake gorilla trekking at Virunga National Park and gorilla trekking in Kahuzibiega National Park in Congo.

Characteristics Physical: Gorillas are larger primates than chimps, with a broad chest, a huge head, longer arms than chimps, a flat nose, short legs, and a pink face. Gorillas lose hair on their faces, hands, feet, and chests as they age. Adult men have hair on their backs that goes from light gray to white, giving them the look of silver, which is why they are dubbed silver-backed at around age 13. Chimpanzees, on the other hand, have white fur from the age of one to 29.

Strength of both primates: Gorillas and chimps are both highly strong creatures, but when compared, gorillas are substantially stronger than chimps since they can eat up to 18 kg of food, which adds to their bulk. The gorilla’s strength is reported to be 10 times its own weight, making it 4 to 10 times stronger than the typical human, however the chimp is just 4 times stronger than the human, making it less powerful than the gorilla. A fully mature gorilla man weighs 136 to 227 kilograms and a female weighs 68 to 113 kilograms, but a chimp female weighs 27 to 50 kilograms and an adult male can weigh up to 40 to 70 kilos.

This is because chimps have muscles consisting of quick switch fibers that are incredibly strong but require a lot of energy, making them more exhausted and thus weaker than gorillas.

Friendliness of both primates: Are gorillas friendlier than chimps? When distinguishing between gorillas and chimps, this is one of the most commonly asked questions. This is due to the menacing appearance of both primates. Gorillas are a very shy species that enjoy spending the majority of their time in harmony with each other within a given gorilla family, and they only do so if the gorillas do not encroach on their territory, as this could lead to an outbreak of fighting between the two species, for example, in the same area Golden monkeys and to a lesser extent gorillas.