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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Coffee experience tour in Lake Kivu Rwanda

Coffee experience tour in Lake Kivu Rwanda: This Safari combines an educational excursion of coffee growing process with the stunning scenery of Lake Kivu

Coffee experience tour in Lake Kivu Rwanda

Coffee experience tour in Lake Kivu Rwanda. Our kivu coffee experience combines an educational excursion where coffee growing process with the stunning scenery of Lake Kivu Rwanda. Some of the best coffee in the world is grown on its fertile shores, which are home to a variety of plantations. As like Lake Kivu Rwanda is regarded as the largest water body, it caves a half Rwanda’s western border with many tourist attraction that are enticing to engage in, there is no better place to conclude a safari than relaxing along the shores of lake kivu.

Coffee experience tour in Lake Kivu Rwanda

The lake has no crocodile, hippo neither bilharzia making it suitable for swimming. You can also experience some of Africa’s decadent coffee in the crops to cup coffee experience along with participating in some of the main tourist activities around this lake. Additionally, those who enjoy a good cup of morning joy should take this tour. You can enjoy a celebratory cup of coffee at the conclusion of the tour with your lunch after following the production process from the coffee plantations on an island along Lake Kivu Rwanda.

If you happen to acquire some of the decadent coffee, today will be your chance to sample some of Africa’s best java bourbon coffee along the shores of Lake Kivu Rwanda. These beans are some of the best Arabica beans in the entire world, and they are grown here. Today you will embark on a journey from crops to cup and learn about the numerous steps involved in creating a cup of the best coffee in the world. Most tourists go to Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas and other primates.

Then, the trip will start with a boat cruise from gisenyi to Nyamirundi Island. You will then get to enjoy the scenic wonders and view the process from crop to cup at first. You can visit the igoboka plantation on Nyamirundi Island, which is run by the Rwandan cooperative known as Igoboka. Igoboka provides a good life for many Rwandan families by cultivating a full-bodied coffee that is also highly sought after all over the world. You will pick the coffee beans on this island, proceed to the gashashi washing station where they are washed in 20 steps, then participate in the open-fire coffee roasting and the final preparation.

You will enjoy your lunch at gisenyi with ingoboka coffee cooperative representative were you will be able to ask questions about Rwanda’s finest coffee that pleasure the people from around the world and also make lots of foreign exchange from the visitors, this crop to cup coffee experience will be one of the highlights of your safari time in Rwanda and you will enjoy the taste of the Africa’s best coffee in the land of thousand hills.