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Choosing between Bungee jumping and Sky Diving in Kenya

The bungee jumping safari does take place at Santana in Kenya’s where the Sky diving can take place at Diani beach

Choosing between Bungee jumping and Sky Diving in Kenya

Make sure that before you leave this world you engage in either bungee jumping and or sky diving in Kenya while on safaris. These are activities that offer visitors a check on the adrenaline levels of any traveler. The bungee jumping safari does take place at Santana in Kenya’s where the Sky diving can take place at Diani beach.

The 2 safari activities provide a wonderful safari experience and are closely similar however visitors need to have much courage and their desire and willingness to engage in these safari activities. To the onlookers, the activity looks to be so dangerous bit once you have now it then it can be so addictive. Visitors will have to choose one of these activities but some prefer the activity for one or similar reasons and because of this we are proving you with some of the similarities and differences between the activities that may lead you to select one of these good and wonderful safari at the destinations. These attributes will give you insights into the attributes that will help you to select Bungee jumping and Sky Diving in Kenya.

The heights of the two safari activities;   when we talk to the sky diving takes the crown in the category of the height s as you can jump and start at the height of 10000 feet from the ground. When we take of the sky diving this takes place from the flight or aircraft while the bungee jumping to up to 1000 feet and this is the only tenth of the sky diving and this means that the sky diving is higher compared to bungee jumping.

Safety of the Bunge jumping and sky diving;  the sky driving is majorly done in groups and the visitors interested here will be trapped with the trained skydiver and this provides a lot of confidence and comfort to the travelers since the visitors know that someone is near and can save them just in case something wrong happens. While the bungee jumping, the control is just left to the elastic Chord  and if the chord is in good conditions and it has bot run for about 200 sessions then it is deemed feet and safe and all these safaris are carried out by the trained institution to increase the safer and eradicate the unprofessionalism  in the industry

The cost of Bunge jumping and sky diving; sky diving is much expensive as compared to bungee jumping and the treason is that the activity requires a lot of the activities and equipment to do this wonderful activity compared to the bungee jumping. The average cost of sky diving is about United States Dollars 300 and one can do bungee jumping at United States dollars 50.

Magnificent view of both activities.  While taking sky diving in Kenya, you get an opportunity to have the sea breezes and the views from the high point until you land and the visitors get more personal views from the plane.  On the other hand, bungee jumping doesn’t give a similar experience and the visitor keeps on jumping as the important, very important thing.

Adrenaline rush between the bungee jumping band Sky diving; sky diving is one of higher height and the falling take some good time and longer as compared for bungee jumping. Still, the sky diving takes a lot of space and this gives the visitors with enough test of the adrenaline bit more relaxed and less fear while bungee jumping heads down fast up to the bottom of the cliff to elevation. The space is more limited and creates a lot of tenses.

Therefore, sky diving and bungee jumping provide the wonderful safari activities that every present or any visitor would like to engage in and the bungee jumping is the best option and the sky diving is bets ideal for the air suspension for the heightened views which is so much interesting and therefore you can come and check on the activity that you can come and enjoy in this wonderful activity.