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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Charity hikes on Mount Kilimanjaro

Charity hikes on Mount Kilimanjaro

Charity hikes on Mount Kilimanjaro

Charity hikes on Mount Kilimanjaro: The mountain is a fantastic destination for all tourists; and one of the best destinations for all tourists who are serious about hiking adventures. As some of the visitors hike or climb the Kilimanjaro Mountain, some have taken it as the best way to give back to the community or share the little resources they have with the community. This has created a difference in various communities, especially those that receive the visitors engaged in Kilimanjaro walks, and this is extremely outstanding. Several companies have found ways of organizing the Kilimanjaro charity hike, and Africa Adventure Vacation is one of these companies. If you move with us, then you will be part of history with us, which is extremely interesting and wonderful.

Climb Kilimanjaro and trek through mountains to raise money so that it can carry out all of its activities in social welfare, education, and health care, assisting street children and hiring teachers, counselors, and social workers, which we can term charity treks as well as walks. Our Tanzanian employees will lead this charitable mountain trek, and the trustees of Moving Mountains Kenya will also be there. Participating in this unique charity challenge and starting on a mountain climb for charity is extremely wonderful and interesting.

Despite being a formidable task at 5895 meters, the Kilimanjaro Charity Climb is doable for an average hill walker or active individual wishing to combine a high mountain adventure with the beauty of a journey to Africa, while also raising money for some incredible initiatives in fantastic communities. It’s famous as a charity trip for good reason; it’s a terrific climb to the top of Africa and a truly fun challenge.

We can provide you with outstanding advice from your initial phone call, during your fundraising and pre-trek time, throughout your mountain climb for charity to the peak of Kilimanjaro, and home again. This is because we are a mountaineering company. When you ascend the Kilimanjaro mountain with Africa Adventure Vacations, there are several choices available to you, including a post-tour safari and a visit to various charitable organizations. You can now work with your tour operator to receive the paperwork for the fundraising agreement once you’ve decided which charity you want to raise money for. The operator will guide you through each step up until the point where you sign up. You can use a variety of alternative fundraising resources to assist you in achieving your goal. The Kilimanjaro Challenge is enhanced by the fundraising component.

A huge population of hikers climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

A huge population of hikers climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

It is relatively simple to create an online fundraising account for yourself, which you may need to do. In this situation, you have the option to ask all of your friends and relatives to support your cause. You can customize your page to suit your needs. Be the first to donate online between $20 and $50 to inspire others to do the same with larger contributions.

The work of Moving Mountains includes initiatives for economic development, job creation, and vocational training as well as support for educational support programs; school construction and development; environmental projects; support for health programs and medical facilities; and capacity-building work for organizations. You will thereby support us in our mission to continue moving mountains for underprivileged kids, families, and communities around the world, in addition to participating in a magnificent climb of a lifetime to the summit of Africa’s highest mountain.

The topography on Mount Kilimanjaro varies throughout; in seven days, trekking the mountain over 24 miles, climbing from 2000m to 5895m and back down, you will pass through farmed areas, equatorial forest, and alpine heath, across a lunar-like volcanic plain, and up to a glaciated summit. There are no dangerous falls or sections that require rock-climbing or specialized equipment when climbing Kilimanjaro for recreation.

The trails are in good condition and well-traveled; some are steeper than others (the Great Barranco Wall is a thrilling scramble in particular), and you will almost certainly run into other people while traveling. The majority of the summit day’s trail is made of screen, which can be brittle and unforgiving. You will get this outstanding experience as well as change the community and the lives of people through charity hikes on Mount Kilimanjaro. African adventure vacations are the best destination for this wonderful safari experience

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