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Charity Adventure Foundation

Charity Adventure Foundation

Charity Adventure Foundation

Charity Adventure Foundation (CAF) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Uganda, committed to empowering vulnerable communities, particularly orphans, sustainable environment conservation, and the advancement of women’s rights. Founded in 2019, CAF has been working tirelessly to address the pressing challenges faced by these marginalized groups and contribute to the overall development of Uganda.


CAF’s mission is to create a positive impact on the lives of orphans, promote sustainable environmental practices, and empower women in Uganda. The organization strives to achieve sustainable socio-economic development by implementing innovative and impactful projects in collaboration with local communities and partners.


Orphan Support: CAF aims to provide comprehensive support to orphaned children, ensuring their basic needs are met, including access to education, healthcare, and emotional well-being. The organization seeks to create a nurturing environment that fosters growth and opportunity for these vulnerable children.

Sustainable Environment Conservation: CAF is committed to preserving Uganda’s natural resources and biodiversity through various initiatives such as afforestation, watershed protection, waste management, and promoting eco-friendly practices. The organization actively involves local communities in conservation efforts to ensure their long-term commitment to environmental sustainability.


Charity Adventure Foundation

Tree Planting Project in Kyambura – Queen Elizabeth National Park initiated by Charity Adventure Foundation

Women Empowerment: CAF strives to empower women and girls by promoting gender equality and advocating for their rights. The organization facilitates skill development, access to education, and economic opportunities for women, enabling them to lead independent and empowered lives.

Programs and Activities

Orphan Care and Education: CAF runs orphanages and foster care programs that provide a safe and nurturing environment for orphaned children. The organization ensures access to quality education, healthcare, and recreational activities to help them grow into well-rounded individuals.

Environmental Conservation Projects: CAF conducts tree planting campaigns, environmental awareness workshops, and sustainable farming practices to promote environmental conservation and combat climate change. The organization collaborates with local communities and authorities to implement conservation strategies effectively.

Women’s Empowerment Initiatives: CAF offers vocational training programs, microfinance support, and entrepreneurship development workshops for women. These initiatives aim to enhance their skills and economic opportunities, empowering them to contribute positively to their families and communities.

Advocacy and Awareness: CAF actively engages in advocacy and awareness campaigns to address societal issues related to orphans, environmental conservation, and women’s rights. The organization works with policymakers and stakeholders to influence positive change and foster a more inclusive and sustainable society.

Impact and Achievements

Over the years, Charity Adventure Foundation has achieved significant milestones, positively impacting the lives of countless individuals and communities in Uganda.

Some key achievements include:
Improved access to education for orphaned children, leading to higher literacy rates and better future prospects.
Successful tree planting campaigns resulting in increased green cover and reduced carbon emissions.
Empowered women entrepreneurs, contributing to household income and enhancing their social standing.
Raised awareness about environmental conservation, leading to widespread adoption of sustainable practices in local communities.

Collaborations and Partnerships

CAF collaborates with various stakeholders, including local communities, government bodies, international organizations, and corporate partners like Africa Adventure Vacations. These partnerships strengthen the organization’s efforts, expand its reach, and ensure a sustainable and holistic approach to its projects.

Charity Adventure Foundation

20% profits of Africa Adventure Vacations goes back to the community to help the Orphans

How to Support

Charity Adventure Foundation welcomes support from individuals, businesses, and organizations who share their vision and values. You can contribute by volunteering your time and expertise, making donations, sponsoring specific projects, or raising awareness about their initiatives.

In conclusion, through its unwavering dedication and impactful initiatives, Charity Adventure Foundation has become a beacon of hope for orphans, the environment, and women in Uganda. By addressing these interconnected challenges, CAF is working towards building a more equitable, sustainable, and empowered society in the region.

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