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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Canopy walk safaris in Rwanda

Canopy walk safaris in Rwanda should be your first choice when planning a safari to Nyungwe park as it is one of the most popular tourist activities in park

Canopy walk safaris in Rwanda

Canopy walk safaris in Rwanda: Canopy walk safaris are one of the most popular tourist activities in Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda. Nyungwe National Park should be your first choice when planning a canopy safari in Rwanda. Nyungwe National Park is one of the country’s most biodiverse parks, having survived the Ice Age. The park is also known for its large number of chimps and monkeys, which include the Hamlin monkey, Dent monkey, Mona monkey, black colobus, and white colobus. Silverback and owl-faced monkeys can be seen throughout the country, but once in the park, the Canopy Walk way see provides a dizzying park experience for a wonderful Rwandan experience.

The Rwanda Canopy Walk safaris requires participants to follow the Igishigishigi trail from the Uwinka check-in area, which leads to the canopy walking trails. The Igishigishigi Trail hike, which reveals a number of interesting sights as you progress along the metal canopy walking trails, is what makes Nyungwe National Park unique. The following are some of the most valuable sights you’ll be able to see during canopy walk safaris in Rwanda. A number of  bird species to see, including the Pockefeller’s sunbird, Chapin’s flycatcher, Ruwenzori’s bee, odd weaver, red-throated aleta, blue turaco, Ross’ turaco, cockatoo, long-tailed cisticola, bubble cisticola, Myombomysa scorpion warbler, Chuba warbler, and several butterfly species.

Reaching the Canopy Walk safaris Nyungwe is a 160-meter walk suspended 70 meters above the ground in Nyungwe National Park’s lush mountain rainforest, where you will see a variety of interesting sights such as different species of monkeys prowling the park, chimps, and various tree branches. You will be able to walk across the metal bridges. Many different species of birds can be seen lined up along the various lines along the walkway under the canopy, as well as useful views of the park from the air for a rewarding wildlife safari in Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda. In Rwanda, you can join a canopy walk in the morning or afternoon and combine it with other activities.

You will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of Nyungwe National Park hiking activities while visiting the park. The park’s famous trails include Kamiranzovu Swamp, Rwanda’s largest wetland, and Kamiranzovu Swamp, where elephants drowned. The trail will lead you to Ismo Falls, a park landmark. Many thirsty species of animals can be seen from there, and the waterfall is also a great place to take pictures.

Because the park is also a primate habitat, you can participate in a primate hike, which allows you to observe various primates in the park. Mona monkey, Dent monkey, Hamlin monkey, silverback monkey, and gray-cheeked monkey are among the primates on display. You will spend time observing various characteristics of the wild primates on what will be a fantastic Rwanda tour.

Tours to Gishwati Mukula and Volcanoes National Parks, gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking, Dian Fossey trekking, Mt. Virunga trekking, and a boat cruise on Lake Ihema in Akagera National Park are also available. You can also go birdwatching in Akagera National Park to see endangered storks, or go hunting in Akagera National Park to  go for a game drive safari where you will be bale to see the big five animals which are only found in Akagera National Park.