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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Can one use one permit to see both gorillas and golden monkeys in Rwanda?

Can one use one permit to see both gorillas and golden monkeys in Rwanda?

Can one use one permit to see both gorillas and golden monkeys in Rwanda?

Can one use one permit to see both gorillas and golden monkeys in Rwanda? This is a question that most of the visitors do ask when they are planning to come to Rwanda for a safari? The obvious answer here is no because the permit for seeing the gorillas and that one for seeing the golden monkeys cost differently and thus you cannot do it. Is it possible to trek both mountain gorillas and golden monkeys with the same permit?. With the same permit, you cannot trek mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. The animals seen and the cost of the trekking permits differ between the two. Furthermore, the trekking permit is only valid for one trek; if you do the Golden Monkey trek and the Mountain Gorilla trek at the same time, you will be exhausted and unable to enjoy either trek. As a result, each trekking adventure has its own day. However, there is a good chance that you will see golden monkeys while mountain gorilla trekking. You will, however, see them from a distance rather than up close as on a trekking trip.

Because these two animals are of different species, it makes sense to trek each one separately and obtain a trekking permit for each. Each trekking experience is unique and only applies to one primate species. Furthermore, each trekking experience involves spending the majority of the day in a different part of the forest and cannot be easily switched to another.

Trekking for mountain gorillas takes you to high altitudes in the forest in search of endangered and rare mountain gorillas. Mountain gorilla trekking entails hours of climbing deep into the mountain forest. Mountain gorilla trekking entails climbing deep into the mountain forest for hours until you find the gorillas; after an hour of observation, you will descend through the forest to the park headquarters, where you will be able to see the gorillas and learn more about them. Depending on the location of the trek, this experience can last 5-7 hours or more.

The Golden Monkey trek, on the other hand, is a relatively flat walk through various forest trails to the golden monkeys’ location. Once you’ve located the monkeys, you’ll have an hour to observe and enjoy their company before returning to the park office. This experience lasts approximately 3 hours. This experience lasts 3 to 6 hours and is not too strenuous due to the relatively flat terrain. Another thing to consider is that, while these are all trekking experiences, primates have different preferred living spaces in the forest based on their habits and lifestyles. As a result, doing both treks at the same time is impossible; they are not in the same place or doing the same things. As a result, each is a stand-alone journey.

In other words, both are primate trekking experiences, but they are distinct and distinct. That is why they are completed separately. Furthermore, all proceeds from the sale of trekking permits will be donated to the conservation of these two species.

It is critical to understand that different strategies will be used for each species, as primate conservation varies by species. As a result, different permits are required in order for the money to be easily collected and managed separately in order to achieve better results for each animal.

Mountain gorilla treks are available in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, while golden monkey treks are available in Uganda and Rwanda. Both treks are available all year, but permit prices vary by country.

The permit for the Mountain Gorilla Trek in Uganda costs $700, while in Rwanda it costs $1500 for the full price and $100 for a promotion (ask your travel agent for more information). A permit for mountain gorilla trekking in the Democratic Republic of the Congo costs USD 400. In contrast, the Golden Monkey trekking permit costs USD 60 in Uganda and USD 100 in Rwanda

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