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Best hiking sunglasses for Mount Kilimanjaro

Best hiking sunglasses for Mount Kilimanjaro

Best hiking sunglasses for Mount Kilimanjaro

What are the best hiking sunglasses for Mount Kilimanjaro? Without a doubt, Mount Kilimanjaro is the most popular destination for climbing safaris not only in Tanzania but throughout Africa, and most adventurers from all over the world have loved the summit and all the beautiful scenery that they have encountered while climbing this great mountain. Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro is an event that happens all year round and most visitors from Africa and other continents of the world access the mountain throughout the year, which makes it one of the best outstanding experiences in the whole world.

While having a high level of physical fitness and mental readiness is required for the ascent, it’s also a good idea to have the appropriate climbing equipment on hand. And in this article, we’ll focus on the best sunglasses for Kilimanjaro; in other words, which are the best sunglasses that you should use when climbing the Kilimanjaro Mountains. One of the most crucial aspects of any Kilimanjaro climb is to keep your eyes secure and shielded so that you can see everything that comes your way. This aids you in making informed decisions as you proceed along the route.

Higher heights have a greater probability of being exposed to the sun. The sun shines brighter, releasing more intense light and damaging UV radiation, making eye issues worse. In addition to the heat, there is a potential for cold wind and snow, both of which can be dangerous to the eyes if not properly protected.

The effects of climbing Kilimanjaro under hot sunshine

Because of the thinned atmosphere and clear skies at higher elevations, direct sunlight is more intense. Solar radiation increases by 10% for every 1,000 meters of altitude. That is to say, the higher you climb, the more sun exposure you will have. Furthermore, snow reflects solar light more than plain ground, increasing the likelihood of exposure to a strong sun by a factor of ten. The thickness of the ozone layer, your location, the angle of incidence of the sun’s rays, and the season all affect your exposure.

Even when the weather is gloomy, the mountains are predicted to receive plenty of sunlight. As a result, it is recommended that you have a decent pair of sunglasses that can withstand the harsh sun when climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Is it important to use sunglasses during Mount Kilimanjaro hiking?

This is one of the questions that trekkers usually ask when planning their climbing safari to the Kilimanjaro Mountains. The answer to the preceding question is a resounding “yes,” and the sunglasses are needed when hiking in the Kilimanjaro mountains for the following reasons:

Your sunglasses shield your eyes not only from harmful UV rays but also from dirt, sand, snow, and other foreign objects that could obstruct your voyage.

They protect the eyes from snow blindness, also known as photo keratitis, which is caused by the erosion of cells that cover the cornea as a result of excessive UVB exposure.

Sunglasses also aid in the prevention of retinal depletion caused by extended exposure to extreme heat and light. When mountain climbing in extreme cold, the eyelids freeze shut, producing a loss of route perception. Due to a delay in treatment, corneal freezing might result in irreparable necrosis.

As a result, purchasing a nice pair of sunglasses for climbing Kilimanjaro is not a luxury but a necessity.

What are the best types of sunglasses that should be used?

  • It is extremely recommended to use a curved frame that fits around the eyes and has side shields for complete protection.
  • Adjustable temples or slender temples are wonderful choices because they are comfortable to wear and can easily be hidden under a cap or hat.
  • Strap-on frames are a fantastic choice since they eliminate the risk of slipping or losing your glasses while hiking.
Is it important to\use sunglasses during Mount Kilimanjaro hiking

Is it important to\use sunglasses during Mount Kilimanjaro hiking

What are the best lenses for mountain climbing?

  • Lenses are classified and evaluated on a scale of 1 to 4 based on their ability to shield against dangerous UV radiation.
  • A category 3 lens shields up to 80% of the sun’s rays, making it ideal for driving, general hiking, or beach vacations.
  • Category 4 lenses have a low VLT rating of 3 to 8%, making them ideal for high-altitude climbing.
  • Grey and green tints are excellent alternatives for lens color, and they also help to reduce glare. They aid in the cooling and refreshing of the eyes. Even brown lenses are a viable alternative.
  • Polyurethane lenses, the most expensive lens material, are strongly recommended. They are sturdy, shatter-and scratch-resistant, have excellent optics, and are extremely durable. They don’t even require coats.
  • Lenses with hydrophobic coatings are appropriate for damp or humid environments.
  • Polarized lenses minimize glare, resulting in improved visibility and comfort. 

These are the characteristics of sunglasses that should be used for trekking, hiking, and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

  • Sunglasses with anti-glare lenses to reduce glare from the sun.
  • Wider frames provide better protection against the cold and unexpected wind.
  • improved visibility on the ground
  • The best grip with a non-slip feature
  • Lenses with a dark tint and a mirror finish
  • The climber may be entirely focused on the ascent.
  • The eyes and the space around them are well protected.
  • It’s comfortable to wear for a long time.
  • Durable
  • Polarized lenses are used to reduce glare by filtering out reflected light.

The equatorial light shines brightly over Kilimanjaro. It is critical to preserve your delicate eyes and be safe while climbing Kilimanjaro. Try investing a reasonable sum in Kilimanjaro sunglasses and you will never regret it. The best sunglasses for climbing Kilimanjaro are available from a variety of fantastic companies. You can always refer to the points listed above to help you choose the best option from the available possibilities.