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Attractions in Arusha Tanzania

Arusha is one of the biggest cities that are found in the northern part of Tanzania

Attractions in Arusha Tanzania

Arusha is one of the biggest cities that are found in the northern part of Tanzania with lots of tourist attractions. It is located at the northernmost tip of Tanzania, just at the foot of the mountain Meru, and it is home to over one million people who are involved in various activities through the business community. Arusha is regarded as the tourist city in Tanzania, and most of the safaris to the northern part of Tanzania start from Arusha, as it has got a lot of tourist attractions that you can explore while you are in Arusha. We advise our clients that if you’ve got enough time, you can decide to take the Arusha City Tour before you drive to the northern parks. These are top-attractions found in Arusha, Tanzania.

The Maji Moto hot springs are a Swahili word that means “hit water,” and they are an oasis in the dry Masai land. You just need two hours to drive from Arusha to these wonderful hot springs. This is a natural outlet of the hot water from the underground, and it offers people scenic views of the water at temperatures that can help them swim with the crystal that is very clear at the bottom. This provides the best safari experience and the best attractions that you can explore in Serengeti National Park. The Maji Moto hot spring in Arusha is a treasure that has not been explored yet.

Visit the Arusha National Park: Arusha National Park is not as popular as the Serengeti or Lake Manyara National Parks, but it is one of the tourist attractions that you can find in Arusha, Tanzania. Arusha National Park is the most accessible national park in Kenya and it is perfect for visitors who are looking for a different taste, offering them stunning safari adventures. From the city center, visitors will drive for approximately 2 hours to get into the Arusha National Park and encounter different animals such as giraffes, bushbucks, buffaloes, and leopards, among others. Mount Meru is the highlight of this park, and the park also organizes different safari activities such as mountain biking and other safari activities.

The Ol Doinyo Lengai Mountain is an attraction in Arusha Town: This is found in the center of the Masai Land. Climbing to the highest point of the summit is possible, although it can be difficult due to the extreme heat, steep inclines, and exposed jagged rocks. Two days of climbing are required to reach the highest point. Before responding to the demand to move to the conclusion, one must plan mentally. It is bounded on the south by the pit highlands, on the east by Mount Kilimanjaro, on the north by the Ngorongoro Conservation region, and on the west by the spectacular East African fracture valley. The main carbonated fountain of liquid magma on the planet is Old Doinyo Lengai Mountain, which rises to a height of 2962 meters. The mountain releases a crest of smoke at regular intervals that should be seen from many kilometers away. Locals see it as sacred because of its volatile character.

If you would like to hike or climb Kilimanjaro, then it is convenient for you to take the one-day trip from Arusha to go for this adventurous safari experience. Kilimanjaro mountain is covered with snow and is the highest mountain in Africa. Mandara Hut is located at 2700 meters and may be accessed after a 3–4-hour hike through lush forests. After that, visitors can enjoy lunch in the cottages, which offer a spectacular view of the Moshi region.

The boat cruise in Arusha National Park is just 2 hours outside of Arusha City: You will land in the Arush National Park and, as most people wish to explore the game drive safaris in the park in their pop-up vehicles, other activities such as the beautiful canoe safaris are available at Momella Lake in Arusha National Park. It offers the ideal opportunity for a kayak safari and to observe wildlife in its natural habitat without disturbing them. When in Arusha, there is one deed that should not be overlooked.

The Themi Living Garden: This is one of the tourist attractions in Arusha not known by the majority of the people, and it offers the best opportunity for visitors to have lunch during their visit to Arusha. The Themi Living Garden is a women-led public space that is part of a project by the Italian NGO Istituto Oikos. The project promotes appropriate planting in Arusha as a means of improving nourishment, business, and pay for people with disabilities or those who care for them. The food is fresh, natural, and veggie-loving, and the women serve it with affection. It is Tanzania’s first eco-restaurant.

Arangi Coffee Group: Visitors in Arusha Town can also go for coffee visits since Arusha has got volcanic soils that support the growth of coffee. This combination of good soil and atmosphere is ideal for the development of espresso. A few coffee estates have sprung up throughout the city, employing a considerable number of people. The espresso tour brings you to one of the farms in Nkoaranga’s uneven town. The ranch is 25 kilometers outside of town. A guide can pick you up from your Arusha hotel and bring you up to the foot of Mount Meru, where you will be driven up to the estate on foot. As you go towards the farmhouse, you will pass by a mandatory and optional school, as well as a local church.

Taste the Tanzanian local cuisine in Arusha: Tanzania, like every other country, has its own distinct culinary traditions. If you enjoy sampling local cuisine, you will not be disappointed while visiting Tanzania. Nyama Choma (simmered goat flesh) is a popular dish in Swahili-speaking countries, and I’m hoping to get the best version in Arusha. You can also try Samaki (seared fish), Kuku (chicken), Ugali, and Chapatti. Tembo Club or Milestones Bar are the best places to eat in the neighborhood. If you plan on being in Arusha for up to seven days, you should set aside some time to learn how to prepare some of the local cuisine techniques.

These are just a few of the many activities available in and around Arusha. The Olpopongi Maasai Cultural Village and Museum, the Natural History Museum, and a mobile espresso tour through Nkoaranga Village are among the other notable attractions. Contact us today for assistance in planning your perfect trip to Tanzania.