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Aruu falls in pader Acholi region

Aruu falls in pader Acholi region

Aruu falls in pader Acholi region

Aruu falls in pader Acholi region: Aruu falls are located in Northern Uganda in pader district, along the Gulu-Kitgum highway. The falls flow through Agogo district in to Lapaya village in pader district. The falls are located in the mid-forest and are occupied by both Langis and Acholi’s. These people are also Agriculturist and if you are travelling you are a sure to find farms around the falls. These falls are strategically located 386 km from Uganda’s capital Kampala and about 47 km from Gulu and 57 km from Ktgum which it takes about 4 to 6 hours from Kampala city using the Gulu highway. The falls are suited 8 kilometers away from Aruu trading center accompanied with Aruu falls campsite which is a major point for tourists

The falls are scenic falls of flowing water that flows downstream on jagged rocks the makes the falls tremendously attractive. The falls are made up of 7 enclaves namely Ryanga, alwiloya, akweyo, wang okiye, lacee, Okello gem and lunya kweyo.  These rocks are jagged with a step like formation that makes the seamless rolls of water downstream from River Agago. Aruu Falls have not yet been discovered by majority of the people are not famous but they have wonder full view which makes it a rich destination to visit. The falls are exciting, adventurous and are one of Uganda hidden treasures with great activities and attractions on it and among these are bird watching, water viewing among others.

Activities and attractions at Aruu falls

There are several safari activities that can be done at the Aruu falls, falls and these activities include the following;

Rock climbing: Rock climbing involves climbing rocks with an aid of ropes and special equipment. this is one of the major activities practiced at Aruu falls; though the rocks are slippery in nature because of the flowing water it is among the most exciting adventures at Aruu falls and it one of that activity that relax the mind people who the falls. Although the activity is allowed to be practiced but the management advises only skilled climbers should participate in this activity.  Guest who wish to carry out rock climbing at Aruu falls are advised to do it during in the dry season when the water table and speed is low.

Swimming as an activity at Aruu Falls; Down the water falls there is a swimming pool where some of the water converge and creates a pool of water for swimming but however the management of the falls always advises only professional swimmers should swim due to presence of hard rocks in to the water pool but anyone can swim on his/her own risk.

Water viewing and scenic views: This is the most practiced activity done at the Aruu falls almost by Everly visitor at the falls. During water viewing one stands at a strategic point of water falls to clearly see & experience the beauty of the falls, the sound of the flowing water over rocks and also you are allowed to take pics, recording videos among others. Though this activity most cases taken as miner but it normally takes about one hour to maximize its uniqueness of the amazing Aruu Falls.

Nature and community walks: Tourist who visit this place can also take a guided nature walk to explore the areas and the community or local people living in these areas around the falls. The nature walks are mainly carried out in forest and nearby areas of the Aruu falls. During the nature walk you are able to explore the different tree species in the forests, watch some birds and other forest creatures. These walks will also offer tourist an opportunity to meet and interact with some of the local people, visit their home villages to see their traditional home steadies and also learn about their traditional culture.

Birding or bird watching: Due to the fact that Aruu falls are located in forest this clearly make it a home of different bird species that roam around which makes it easy for visitors to sight them when their visit the falls. These bird species include the African wagtail, hornbill, Egyptian goose, eastern grey plantain, stonechat, secretary birds among others.

Picnics as an activity: As stated, that area around the Aruu falls is rocky, these rocks tends to offer clear space point for picnics that you can opt to enjoy the cool fresh air, beautiful water sound of the falls, on one of the many picnic rocks around the ware falls. As you enjoy the beautiful site of the falls you are also able to view the amazing view of the Acholi and langoi region.

How to get to Aruu falls to engage in the above mentioned activities

Aruu falls are located in northern Uganda on Gulu-kitgum highway in pader district in Acholi region.The falls can be accessed by road transport and one should use 4WD vehicles because the roads reaching the falls are narrow and are slippery especially on rain season. From Kampala city to pader is approximately 4-6 hours drive via kampala-Gulu highway. From Gulu city it is about 47 kilometers.