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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Are gorillas stronger than humans?

Are gorillas stronger than humans?

Are gorillas stronger than humans?

Are gorillas stronger than humans? : Gorillas are an impressive species of primate that has gained popularity over the years due to the small number of survivors. The strength of the gorillas and several physical attributes of the species have attracted several different tourists from different countries to come and enjoy the best gorilla trekking in Africa and various countries.

Tourists visiting various locations in Africa to learn about the power of gorillas can view many varieties of gorillas, including the mountain gorilla, the most famous gorilla species, which can be seen in Mgahinga National Park. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Virunga National Park, Volcanoes National Park, Kahuzi Biega National Park, and many other gorilla species can be spotted by participating in African gorilla treks. One of the most commonly asked questions during African gorilla treks is if gorillas are stronger than humans. This is due to their imposing gigantic build, which is why American primatologist Dian Fossey, who fought poaching in Rwanda and laid the framework for gorilla trekking, coined the term “gentle giants.”

In comparison to other primates such as chimps and monkeys, gorillas are highly robust primates due to their large stature and bountiful nutrition. Gorillas can consume up to 18 kg of food every day, which consists of invertebrates including celery, bamboo shoots, termites, and caterpillars. The average full-grown male gorilla weighs 136-227 kg, and females weigh 68-113 kg. A skilled weightlifter can lift approximately 401 kg, while a silverback can lift 1,810 kg. Gorillas are stronger than humans at 5 kg. Hikers should avoid unnecessary movement when seeing gorillas, be silent when approaching familiar gorilla families, and avoid making eye contact with gorillas.

Humans are more likely to be injured or killed in a battle between a gorilla and a human since gorillas are thought to be 10 times stronger than their body weight and 4–10 times stronger than the average person, which is stronger than 20 adult humans versus one silverback. In this scenario, though, mankind uses traps, snares, and weapons to capture and kill gorillas. This was owing to the increase in poaching, which has only become effective due to variables such as advanced technology, such as traps, which make it easier to kill gorillas, but a person cannot deal with a full-sized silverback in one-on-one combat. Tourists who want to observe endangered primates should not be alarmed because primates are a species that is accustomed to the presence of humans.

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