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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Agashya famous gorilla Family groups

Amahoro Gorilla Family / group, Agashya famous gorilla Family groups the Group 13 one of the famous gorilla groups encountered on gorilla safari derives its name from the gorilla trekking safari

Agashya famous gorilla Family groups

Agashya famous gorilla Family groups the Group 13 one of the famous gorilla groups encountered on gorilla trekking safari derives its name from the counts of members that it possessed at the time of habituation.
Formerly when the mountain gorilla habituation was being conducted in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, the Agashaya Gorilla family group was not spared. And during this time, the Agashya featured 13 members and the trackers found it easy to identify it by the number of its members which resulted into its naming as Group 13.

Apparently thriving with about 25 members among which include the dominant Silverback, the 12 female adults, the two (2) Sub adult female, the three (3) Juvenile along with seven (7) Babies enjoying the lush green of Volcanoes National Park and posing interestingly for the encounter of the Rwanda safari undertakers.

The Group 13 was initially under the dominance of Nyakairima family before he was defeated by the Agashya family to eventually take over the dominance from him. It is noted that Agashya first assessed the strength of Nyakairima family and then put him in a strong battle where he emerged the winner confiscating all the group members leaving Nyakairima family in wonder. Agashya moved up the Volcano to ensure that Nyakairima family should not trace them again and is credited for increasing the gorilla family from the former size of 12 to the apparent estimate of 25 individuals.

Agashya in case of any danger, he moves his group to the raised volcanic landscapes and at times, it may mistake the travelers on gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda as enemies and takes the group up. It is a magical encounter to follow the gorilla group up to when it reaches the summit of the volcano. This encounter can last for the whole day. Encountering the gorillas on top of the world with the views of the entire mountain chain and the adjacent nations below is rewarding moment that derives lifetime gorilla trekking safari memories.