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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Africa’s big 5 animals in Uganda

Africa’s big 5 animals in Uganda

Africa’s big 5 animals in Uganda

Africa’s big 5 animals in Uganda:  Uganda is among the few destinations that offers tourists an opportunity to view all the Africa’s big 5 animals that is Lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants and rhinos. The word African big 5 is term that was used by ancient hunters referring to the dangerous and challenging to hunt. The African big 5 can be spotted in Uganda in various national parks and game reserves during game drives in savannah areas. a huge number of the tourist from different countries flock Africa particularly Uganda to see the big five animals  which are found in different protected areas in the Uganda. Some of the big five animals in Uganda include the buffaloes, the elephants, lions, leopards and the rhinos. The term African Big five animals is now popular in most of the Uganda safaris and visitors will never call is a safari unless they spot these great creatures which were named because of balancing the ecosystem

Where to find Africa’s big 5 animals in Uganda

Elephants as big five animals in Uganda: The African Elephant is the world’s biggest land mammal. The male elephant weighs about 6 tones and also grows tall of about 3m height, it reaches its full size at the age of 35-40 years which is half of their life span since they live up 60-70 years. The African elephants not only became huge in adult stage but also when they are young because the new born elephant can weigh about 120 kg.The African elephants also known as Loxodonta have got thick skin ranging at 2.5cm.  Elephants can be seen splashing their bodies with soil and water with the aim of taking care of their skin. The African elephants in Uganda are found in different national parks like kidepo valley, queen Elizabeth national, Murchison falls national park among other park expect lake mburo national park.

Lions as big five animal in Uganda: Lion is also among the Africa’s big five and Uganda the pearl of Africa is blessed with these animals’ species. The African lion is considered the most sociable and largest animal from the cat family and usually lives in pride of about 5-20. it is one of the most dangerous animals in the world and referred to the king of the Greenland savannah. The African lions in Uganda can be spotted in 3 savannahs national parks that is kidepo valley in the north eastern Uganda and Murchison falls and Queen Elizabeth national park in western Uganda. Lion can also be found in zoos like in UWEC.

African Buffaloes as big five animal in Uganda: The African buffaloes are the most dangerous and bad-tempered species to human race. The African buffaloes is very black in color with a heavy horns, they always live in large numbers and are mainly situated in forested areas grazing the savannah and floodplains. The adult buffalos always gather to protect the calves. Buffalos mainly feeds on grass, leaves and other plant species. In Uganda it is Queen Elizabeth and kidepo valley national park which offers a great encounter of these endangered species.

Leopards as big five animal in Uganda: Leopard is also known as the Panthera Parus and it is the smallest and also one of the strongest animals among the Africa’ big 5 animal. African leopards climb trees even though carrying heavy preys and they also rest on the tree branches during day. They are difficult to trace and locate in wild since they are rare seen together except on mating process and when a mother is with the cubs. The leopards mostly hunt at night and the best time to see these animals is during night and very early in the morning when they are coming back from hunting. These leopards mainly feeds on fresh or other animals, they hunt prey like impala, antelopes among others.

Rhinoceros as big five animal in Uganda: Among the big five the rhinoceros is the most difficult to be spotted in the wild. It was widespread through and they are mainly located in zziwa rhino sanctuary and zoo. Rhinoceros were divided in two different species the white rhino and the critically endangered black rhino, these species are differentiated by size food preference, and mouth sharp. The white rhino has got a flat mouth. Both black and white rhinos are dangerous to human but are most suspicious and dangerous to vehicles close to them. Rhinos are herbivores grazing on variety of grass and stem.  Therefore the above are the big five animals that are currently found in Uganda and you will be able to see them on your safari experience.

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