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Activities to do in ziwa sanctuary

Activities to do in ziwa sanctuary

Activities to do in ziwa sanctuary

What Activities can you do in ziwa sanctuary? Ziwa rhino sanctuary is located in the central region of Uganda in Nakasongola district a long side Kampala Gulu high way. Ziwa rhino sanctuary is now the only home for rhinos because rhinos in Uganda were becoming extinct in all national parks due to encroachment of their habitat and poaching for their horns and it is Ziwa rhino sanctuary the only area with the harbors the wild rhinos. The sanctuary was launched in 2005 and it started 6 white rhinos and now it is home over 32 white rhinos becoming one of the best safari destinations in Uganda. The sanctuary was started by the Uganda wildlife authority in order to reintroduce white rhinos to the national park in future. Ziwa rhino sanctuary have got various adventures, activities including rhino tracking, canoe riding,  bird watching which makes it wonderful destination for every tourist. Several activities can are done on Ziwa Rhinos sanctuary and you shouldn’t miss these activities. Most of the visitors do these activities on their way to Murchison falls national park or when they are leaving Murchison fall national park. Special arrangements are also made by visitors who what especially to go to ziwa and do the following safari activities.

Canoe riding as an activity at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary: A canoe this a light, narrow boat with pointed ends and no keel, propelled with a paddle or paddies. Canoeing is one of the most exciting activities carried out at ziwa rhino sanctuary where visitors are able to explore the lugoggo wetland in a canoe. Canoe riding usually starts very early in the morning and takes about 4 hours rides. During the ride you are able to view different animals like hippos, oribi, water buck and also a variety of waterbird species like white crested turaco palmnut shoebill among other.

Rhino tracking as an activity at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary: This is magical experience, walking in wildness with trained and knowledgeable rangers as you help to ensure to protect the safety this species. Rhino tracking is the most famous activity carried in the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary, the tracking takes between 1 to2 hours where visitors involve moving on foot with in the sanctuary searching for this rhino and visitors are also allowed to take pics and record videos for memorable Ziwa sanctuary cost is billed accordingly were foreign non-residents pays USD50, 40 USD for foreign residents and UGX 30000 per person of east African citizen.

Bird watching as an activity at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary: While the rhinos are the main attraction in the sanctuary but it is also home to a variety of birds with over 350 recorded bird species  which makes it one of the best bird watching site destination.bird watching at ziwa rhino sanctuary can be In different sessions like during nature walk, game drive and many other different sessions with a bird guide who will help you to find different bird species  including African morning dove, bat hawk, bateleur, black and white shrike fry catcher, Black-crowned tcharga, black- crowned waxbill , black kite, booted eagle, bronze manikini, broad-billed roller, blue checked bee eater among other this makes it a great spot for avid birders interested in finding those rare species.

Nature walk as an activity at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary: Guided nature walks at Ziwa rhino sanctuary is an adventurous activity where visitors are able to explore  the sanctuary on foot with a well train guide .At ziwa rhino sanctuary nature walk can either be done during the day or at night where you will be  able to  get up closer and personal with different animal species in the sanctuary these animals includes hippopotamuses, crocodiles, monkeys, antelopes duikers and there also other species like birds for palm,  nut vulture, woodpecker, blue spotted dove, and shoebill.

What is the best to do these activities time to be at ziwa rhino sanctuary

Visitor can reach out to ziwa rhino sanctuary at any time in a year but though the best time to be at the sanctuary is in the dry season in months of July, august September, December to February during the dry season the sanctuary receives less rain fall which makes movements easier because there is no mud in the road and also the dry season makes the trekking easy because there is no green environment for animals to hide.

Where to stay during safari activities at the sanctuary

There are limited accommodation facilities where visitors stay in ziwa rhino sanctuary but it doesn’t me there is no were to stay, accommodation can be accessed in different areas such as ziwa safari lodges ziwa rhino lodges among others.

How to access Ziwa rhino sanctuary

Ziwa rhino sanctuary is located 176km(100milles) north of kampala on the gulu high way towards Murchison falls national park branching off at nakitoma trading center in nakasongola district it can be accessed by road transport means and the journey can take about 3 hours.