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Activities in Mountain Elgon national Park


Tourism activities in Elgon National park

Activities in Mountain Elgon national Park: Tourism activities involve things that travelers visiting in Mt Elgon National park can engage in when they visit the park. They are the motivations as to why most of the reasons as to why the tourists have decided to have their trips in Elgon National park. Travelers will always look for unique features that are not at the place of their origin. Without such unique activities, it would be difficult for you to be entertained and interested in Elgon National park. Abundant unique activities present in National Park offer interesting adventure vacations as they happily live joyful at the park.

Similarly to mountain Rwenzori National park in southwestern Uganda,

Mt. Elgon National Park is famous for mountain climbing, hiking, and having guided nature walks. Other than getting enthusiasm of reaching on top of the peak of the mountain, mountain Elgon National Park offers a chance for travelers to experience magnificent views of gigantic calderas, different caves, gorges as well as hot springs. There other tourists’ activities apart from climbing Mt. Elgon National Park and these include nature walks, safaris game drives, camping, visiting coffee tee plantation among others. Visitors to and from Mt. Elgon National Park can also access Sipi falls wildlife reserves located in Kapchorwa districts. African Vacations provide you with a sequence of activities that might make your safari intriguing in Mt. Elgon National park as follows;

Mountain climbing;

Mountaineering in mountain Elgon National Park is one of the unmatched experiences that Travers who have gone through the unspoiled of the park. Climbing Mountain Elgon is well organized to meet your expectations as a client. Travelers who have never gone to for this adventurous activity are always determined to reach the highest peak of Mt Elgon known as Wagagai which stands 4321meters high while they reach in Mt Elgon National Park. Mt Elgon National park takes about four to six days depending on the trail used. There are three different major trails where you can start your journey to climbing Mt.  Elgon.

The first trail is called Sasa Trail which ascends from the small town of Budadiri (1250m a.s.l.) in the Sironko Valley. The shortest and most direct option, it is possible to reach the summit and descend to Budadiri in 3 or (more comfortably) 4 days.  This trail starts from near Mbale Town and it takes four days to reach at the peak however involves a stiff altitudinal gain of 1650m, including an ascent of the Mudangi Cliffs, on Day One. The Sipi Trail involves a longer but gentler ascent, starting 800 higher than Budadiri at the FEC (2050m).  It starts from Kapkwai Forest exploration center and takes about four to six hours to reach Wagagai the highest peak.

 Other options are the Piswa and Suam trails on the northern side of the mountain and a proposed new route at Bushiyi.  Jackson’s Pool and Jackson’s Peak Jackson’s Pool stands at 4,050 m beside the Sasa Trail in the shadow of the 4,165 m high Jackson’s peak, a free-standing volcanic plug rising above moorland on the western flank of the mountain

For better views of different species in Mountain Elgon National park, travelers are advised to ascend using the Sipi route trail and descend using the Salsa trail. Most of the hikers start to form the Uganda side and slope using the Kenyan side however adventurous who wish to end their kinking experience from Kenya need paperwork to cross the border and the emigration offices situated in Mbale district are always available to assist you with cross border requirements.

Birding; Birding in Mountain Elgon Nation National park

will provide an opportunity for the tourists to spot and encounter different bird species that contribute to their experience in the wildness of the park. Mount Elgon National Park is a habitat to over 300 species of birds, including the African Goshawk, Chubb’s cisticola, white chinned Prinia, African blue flycatcher, and the endangered lammergeyer. These birds can be spotted in thicket shrubs and bamboo vegetation within the park. The common trails where birding experience is so enticing include the Kapkwai forest exploration center which goes up to Chebonet River and Cheptui falls. The major bird species that you can’t fail to watch here in the park include; Marsh Widowbird, Moorland Francolin, Alpine chat, hunters Cistcola, red-throated Wryneck, and the black-collared Apalis.

Visiting the Mountain Elgon Caves.
Caves in Mount Elgon National park were once used by the local people and their domesticated animals for shelter however people have abandoned them because of the contact occurrence of the landslide that happens in the area. Those travelers who are too weak to climb up to the peak of Mt Elgon can be availed with a day hikes to several caves along the slopes of mountain Elgon. The prominent caves in Mount Elgon National park that you can visit our vacation/tour include Mackingeny, Kitum, and Chepnyali.

 The presence of mineral salts on walls of these caves attracts wild animals such as giant Elephants and several antelopes in the park to concentrate on these caves and start leaking the salts on these caves. The other antique caves of importance are located in Budadiri with attractive ancient paintings.  The Chapkai caves together with Khauka situated in Wanale are likable to the visitors because of their structures and bats that usually occupy the caves. Further, there is an unforgettable Nyero Rock Painting Cave located just outside Mbale Town that is worth rewarding.

Favorable avenues for camping; Mountain Elgon national park and the adjacent environment are favorable for camping services by the tourists. The park management under Uganda Wildlife Authority has set up camp bases along major Mount Elgon climbing and hiking routes/trails to adventurers hiking up to the top of the mountain. Importantly, while trekking you need to move with your bag, tents, rain jackets, and coats to warm you during the night and in case it rains, as well as stove if you feel like having some tea you can prepare for yourself. You can as well hire tents and sleeping bags which can be got at the park offices found in Mbale Town.

Exploring different waterfalls;

In Mount Elgon National park, there are very many waterfalls that travel on this tour can see and appreciate. The fact that Mt. Elgon is a water catchment area to several rivers, it provides an opportunity for these rivers to incline over sharp gorges and cliffs to for magnificent waters fall.  The major waterfall here is known as Sipi falls which are so attractive and stunning in the area. They are just located a few kilometers outside the park borderline before the forest exploration center. While heading to the falls you will be required to pass through different villages and local homes where you will even get a glimpse of several plantations of different crops by local farmers. The other waterfalls that can be visited while on tour in Mount Elgon National Park include; Chebonet, Bulago, Wanale, and Sisi.

Mountain biking;

Mountain in Mount Elgon National park involves an adventurous activity where tourists visit part of the park or adjacent areas by use self-riding bicycles. The whole of Mount Elgon areas including Mbale and Kapchorwa offer several routes that can be used for bicycle riding. The Sipi area has much to offer mountain bikers, ranging from the casual exploration of the many lovely trails in the vicinity to the challenging Elgon Enduro hosted by Sipi River Lodge. Further, there is a running route that has been recently gazetted for the training of the runners adjacent Sipi area which can also be used by travelers for exercise jogging and biking.

Spot fishing.

Spot fishing in Mountain Elgon National Park can be done in just at the bottom of Sipi falls where tourists can do this activity. Fly fishing for rainbow trout is possible on the Sipi River between the park boundary and the highest of the three waterfalls at Sipi. Again, contact Sipi River Lodge for details fishing for rainbow trout is possible on the Sipi River between the park boundary and the highest of the three waterfalls at Sipi.  Again, you can contact the Sipi River Lodge for details since they are the ones that can allow you to operate such kind of activity.

Famous rock climbing;

Rock climbing is one of the famous touristic activities that tourists for Mt. Elgon national park can be engaged in. This activity can be arranged outside the national par especially around the Sipi falls area.   The most demanding area is Sipi areas which can last for as long shot as thirty-five meters.  Many of the basalt cliffs around Sipi have been bolted and can safely be climbed. Further, you can as well drive to the closest town Tororo which has got striking rock just nest to the trading center. Climbing this rock takes about 4hours and upon reaching on top, you’re guaranteed a clear view of Tororo town and Mt. Elgon.

Safaris game drives coupled with wildlife viewing;
Mount Elgon Nation Park still provides countless areas of wildlife viewing while on safari game drive. Safaris game drives are arranged to take tourists to Parts of Mountain Elgon National park where they can easily see animals. The major animals that can be seen of game drives include leopards, hyenas, buffalo, and the duiker while primates such as blue monkeys, Vervet,  andColobus monkeys. All these can be spotted in the best locations in the park.

Community and cultural encounters;

The Easter region of Uganda is strong in terms of cultural values and practice. The Bagisu has a unique culture welcoming the new boys or men into adulthood through different ceremonies that involve circumcision. In this, no man can be allowed to marry before undergoing full ritual process and getting circumcised and on the other hand, no one woman would be allowed to marry a man who is not well circumcised. This is usually carried out during August and December whereby all villages and towns in Mbale and are full of crowds singing and dancing while escorting young men to be initiated to the manhood to receive blessings and gifts from their relatives before heading for the circumcision. The Sabiny practice female circumcision but this has been outlawed due to pressure from female human rights groups as some people still circumcise their daughters in secret.

Another unique culture activity in Budadiri adjacent Mountain Elgon National Park. Here Bugisu cultural group arranges cultural dances, storytelling, and information about their cultural heritage. This cultural group acknowledges and lecturer’s tourists and how to cook and eat bamboo shoots known as Malewa.

Abseiling experience;

Abseiling experience in Mount Elgon National park is a thrilling experience that involves sloping down a cliff using a firm rope-like device fastening around the harness. This is mainly done at Sipi falls whereby tourists go down slowly with the rope tied in their waist up to the bottom of the waterfalls. This is an exciting activity that you wouldn’t like to miss while on your tour to Mountain Elgon National Park.

Coffee Plantation visits/ agro tourism;

Mount Elgon National parks areas are so fertile with volcanic soils that have made it possible for the farmer to plant different crops such as coffee among others. Coffee plantations are the most common plantations on the slopes of the mountains and it’s the area producing the high ranked quality coffee in Uganda. It is from this background that tourists and travelers to Mount Elgon National Park can visit different Arabic coffee plantation firms and coffee processing companies and will get a chance to participate in coffee harvesting and grinding. You’re advised to take a guided tour of a coffee garden at Sipi to see how the beans are grown and ground. Other regional attractions include Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve and Nyero Rock paintings near Kumi.