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Accommodation in Mountain Elgon national Park

Accommodation in Mountain Elgon National park

Accommodation in Mountain Elgon National park: If you are planning for an adventure vacation to Elgon park, then you have got an opportunity to stay in different lodges after and before traversing the uncultivated Mt Elgon National Park. These accommodation facilities can be secured within and outside the park. We bring you the accommodation facilities where you can stay ranging from luxury, middle range and budget

This park is well located in the eastern part of Uganda at the border with Kenya offering several adventure activities that tourists on this safari tour cannot afford to miss.  Mount Elgon is one of the ancient physical land forms that acts as a major tourist attraction and it is still one of the largest volcano surface areas throughout the world. Importantly, Mount Elgon was once one of the Africans highest Mountains but because of years of volcanic eruptions and erosion activities, Mount Elgon was reduced to being sevenths highest on the African continent. Because   of its scenic beauty of flora such as rare species, water catchment areas such as rivers, hot springs, as well as cliffs, gorges, and caves the parks was acknowledged as  UNESCO man and  biosphere  reserve

The location of Mount Elgon National Park has attracted different investors who have established different accommodation facilities around the park that are essential in contributing to the travel experience. Proficient accommodation facilitation and travel are unified and in absence of one, then the travel safaris experience to Mount Elgon National park is incomplete. .

Mbale Resort Hotel

This is extravagance hotel is situated two kilometers away from Mbale town and adjacent to Mountain Elgon .the hotel provides better opportunities for relation and reflection with a variety of services and facilities such as conference rooms, bar, and restaurant,  sauna, high-class accommodation, spa, mini-golf, hotel shuttle service among others. The hotel has got 94 rooms and while in each of them, you will be rewarded with magnificent views of Wanale Hill and Mountain Elgon National Park. Coupled with serene gardens and palm trees and large parking space.

With quite arrange of services zealous to your wellbeing, you will have their perfect way to bolster yourself on treatment spa focusing on nurturing the guests from the inside to out.

Sipi liver lodge

Sipi river lodge is located in Sipi falls area stretching for about seventeen acres of private land including 80-meter Kapsurur Falls, an enormous green garden, and several caves. This lodge in close the magnificent Sipi falls along Kapchorwa to Mbale road. The lodge is located a few walks from one of the park gates and close Forest Exploration Center. What makes this lodge magnificent is its close with one of the three Sipi falls that offers magnificent views. The lodge has got well-designed rooms with beautiful gardens and caves near the falls that can be explored by visitors in their free time. Similarly, the lodge organizes hiking to the top of the mountain peak.

The lodge offers accommodation in the form of cottages which are spacious and elegant, offer beautiful views of the waterfalls have en-suite bathrooms with double showers, king-sized double beds, extra twin beds, and a lounge area.

Chepkui Cottage;

located along the hillside with offering special views of the waterfalls to all travelers that stay here while on holiday vacation in the wonderful Mountain Elgon National Park. The cottage has a candid personal garden area very suitable for children to play, master bedroom with a gigantic double bed, en-suite with flushing toilet and shower, lounge area with sofas, bunk bed, and day bed accommodating up to 5 different guests. Chepkui Cottage Annex; is also referred to as the “Seven Dwarfs House” which offers accommodation to all travelers and includes a vast comfortable double bed, en-suite bathroom with an annex to provide extra accommodation in case there is need for more space. Suam Bunkhouse;This accommodates about five different people and is candid with rooms that have personal decks that offer exceptional views of waterfalls. It includes a shared bathroom with shower facilities.

Mountain Elgon hotel;

This is one of the luxurious hotels where you can reside while on your tour to Mountain Elgon National Park.  It only needs you to travel for four hours to drive from Entebbe airport to this destination and is very appropriate to those looking for a serene place to stay while on a vacation holiday in Uganda.

The hotel is owned by the Italians and its two kilometers away from the town center of Mbale to Masaba road. The hotel offers over 30 self-contained rooms to the visitors with quality beddings and birth rooms.

Staying at this hotel provides extraordinary opportunities to discover the mysteries of the majestic Mountain Elgon, spot the large coffee plantation, the Wanale Hills as well as the Sipi Falls. The accommodation is provided in various units and these range from the junior suite to executive rooms, superior rooms as well as those that are standard/ basic.

Facilities offered include; swimming pool, well-equipped spa, onsite restaurant, fully stocked bar, beautiful green garden, andConference and meeting facilities. Whereas standard rooms are equipped with facilities and services such as Double or twin beds, Satellite TV, Wi-Fi connection, Personal bathrooms with shower, Make-up mirror, Bath amenities from our Spa and Garden views.

Mountain Elgon National Park attracts several travelers with different accommodation preferences and interests according to their budget. In addition to luxury accommodation, Mt. Elgon National Park is well served with middle-range facilities, come and enjoy the mountain of the moon with its undistinguished wildness while staying at safe and comfortable middle-range accommodation as presented below comfortable.

Noah’s Ark Hotel

This hotel provides middle-range accommodation facilities to tourists visiting Mt Elgon National Park. The hotel is constructed on Kapchorwa along the slopes of Mountain Elgon and offers accommodation ranging from luxury-midrange as well as budget depending on your budget. The hotel serves well Bugishu Arabic coffee with a sweet scent. Both local and internal foods are available on a lunch and dinner basis. The hotel also has rented camping tents for travelers who are interested in camping outside the hotel rooms. Activities such as hiking, biking, racing, and climbing Mt. Elgon can as well be arranged here.The Main Hotel includes; Bedroom with Living Room, Bedroom, Dstv, Living room, Bath and Single Bed includes; Television, Bed and Bathroom and Twin Bedroom has got Bathroom, 2 beds, Dstv.

The hotel has three different divisions and these can accommodate more than 100 clients from different destinations and fall into the price range of $10 – $100.

Kayegi Hotel

Kayegi offers mid-range priced room accommodation and is located plot 45B along Masaba road which is about 1km from Post office building. Though the prices of the hotel are low, the quality of the hotel rooms and services provided is superb. A hotel is a famous place for organizing meetings, conferences, retreats, and workshops for both government and Non-Governmental stakeholders. The major services offered are 25 well painted self-contained rooms, bar and restaurant, serene hotel garden, conference halls, free wireless internet, and large parking space among others.

Lacam lodge

Lacam Lodge is a mid-range lodge located along the slopes of striking Mountain Elgon situated in eastern Uganda. Lacam lodge offers an astonishing stay for all around the Sabiny people who are welcoming and hospitable. Transfer to the cliff edge and here you will have exceptional views of the majestic Sipi Falls. The accommodation provided includes; wooden beds mad of ecology materials such as Timber, grass-thatched roofs with; two double beds in each, Vast decks and En suite showers and toilets, three Non-self-contained Bandas with numerous shared facilities that less costly as compared to self-contained ones. Further Lacam lodge provides opportunities for self-camping and includes an Onsite restaurant and fully stocked bar.

The untamed Mountain Elgon National Park further provides accommodation facilities that favor low-cost budget travelers. Our travelers can check on the following budget accommodation facilities whenever they are for hiking and Visiting the park.

Masha hotel

Masha hotel is located in the western part of Chapchorwa town along the Mbale high way and it is a principal of Kapchorwa town. The hotel offers low pieces rooms affordable to budget travelers which are self-contained and so clean. Masha hotel also presents conference facilities, pool tables, bars, and restaurants and serves both local and international menu. Tourists wishing to explore the forest exploration center and climbing Mountain Elgon, Masha hotel is the best place to stay for easy accessibility of these services.

Mount Elgon View Hotel

This is one of the long-serving budget hotels situated annex and across Kumi road. Mountain Elgon Hotel View Hotel has very clean rooms worth tables and chairs in each room with other services such as restaurant and bar, parking space and internet, budget travelers can effectively stay at this hotel comfortably.

Crow’s Nest Rest Camp at Mountain Elgon National Park

Crow’s nest campsite is one of the budget camp situated at an elevation of 1770m along the slopes of Mount Elgon offering comfortable accommodation to all travelers that transfer to eastern Uganda to spend their holiday vacation. The campsite has many different facilities with cabins, cottages provided as units where the guests sleep/ rest after a long day of work/ moving around. The campsite is a very appropriate place for those interested in rock climbing, village walks, Sipi falls hike, Mountain trekking, cultural tour to the Sabiny and the Bagisu and coffee plantation tour.

While on this campsite you need to accompany yourself with items such as walking shoes, Insect repellant, Hat and sun cream, Layers and waterproof jackets (climate is changeable), Drinks and snacks can be purchased locally from the campsite

Rose’s Last Chance

Roses Last Chance is a Comfortable & Affordable Safari Accommodation at Mountain Elgon National Park. It is located at 1250m ASL and offers comfortable budget accommodation to all travelers around the world that visit Uganda while on holiday. The accommodation provided includes; Severn single and double bedrooms, Dormitory that accommodate about 20 people and Self-Camping while facilities such as Camping ground with flush toilets & showers, Hot water provided on prior request, Camping gear available for hire, On-site Restaurant, Fully stocked Bar, Craft shop and Local traditional performance.

Wimpey hotel

Wimpey hotel has hot over 29 rooms and it is a new hotel that has been constructed on cathedral road. Wimpey hotel has smart, clean rooms tied with rolling fans and mosquito nets. The hotel provides basic meals in refurbished Wimpey restaurant with roasted meat being served in an open space and the bar count yard.Other accommodation facilities where you can stay while on Mount Elgon national park tour include; Suam Guest House (UWA), Kapkwata Guesthouse (Along the Piswa trail), Forest Exploration Center Bandas, student hostel and campsite in Kapkwai. Booking for climbing expeditions and accommodations should be made early

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