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5 Honeymoon Safari Activities to Do in Mgahinga National Park

5 Honeymoon Safari Activities to Do in Mgahinga National Park

5 Honeymoon Safari Activities to Do in Mgahinga National Park

5 Honeymoon Safari Activities to Do in Mgahinga National Park: Are you looking for the best destination where you can spend your honeymoon vacation? Do you know the activities that you can do on your honeymoon vacation? Today we’ll look at 5 honeymoon activities in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Mgahainag National Park is one of the best safari destinations found in south-western Uganda. The park features flawless vegetation, which is exactly what makes it so convenient for the honeymooner. Bled with nature and enjoy your honeymoon in a great destination full of amazing environments.

Among the 5 honeymoon safari activities to do in Mgahinga National Park, gorilla trekking is the prime activity that you can’t miss; however, there are other activities that you can engage in during your honeymoon vacation in this park, and some of these activities include bird watching, local community visits, hiking the Virunga Mountains, majestic guided nature walks, and other wonderful and interesting safari activities to be done here.

From Kampala, visitors going to Mgahinga National Park will have to cover about 540 kilometers, and you will traverse through magnificence, including the local highway markets and several activities done on the roads. Once you are about to reach the park, you will be amazed by the terraced gardens, amazed by the outstanding views of the park, and amazed by the forests covering the land. Don’t feel shy about asking your driver to make a stopover for you and take good pictures of any interesting features that you can see on your way. The 5 honeymoon activities to do in Mgahinga National Park are described below.

Tracking the Mgahinga Golden Monkeys on Your Honeymoon Safari: Yes, the golden monkey trekking provides the best vibe while on your honeymoon safaris in Maganinga National Park.The golden monkey is only found in Uganda and is unique to this park. The species leads an interesting life, and it would be beneficial for you to observe and learn about their way of life. Don’t get fooled by these species because they like teasing the cicadas as they jump around from one tree to another. They are relatively big as compared to other monkeys, and their body fur is golden brown, hence the name “golden monkey.” As you are looking for the golden monkeys, stand alert to look out for the other primates since the forest harbors other primates such as the white and black colobus monkeys, the blue monkeys, the olive baboons, the grey-cheeked mangabey, and the red-tailed monkeys. All of these are available for you to watch during your honeymoon safari experience in Mgahinga National Park.

Among the 5 Honeymoon Activities to do is gorilla trekking in Mgahinga National Park during your honeymoon safari. Gorilla trekking is a popular honeymoon activity in Mgahinga National Park, and is probably the most popular among couples celebrating their honeymoon in this wonderful park. As the couple here on a honeymoon safari, you will need to secure the gorilla trekking permit, which costs $700 per person per trek, and then you need to have your accommodation as well as your transportation ready for this great safari activity. You will see Nyakagezi as the only gorilla family that is found in this great park; it is mobile, and it has been reported that at times the family does cross into neighboring Rwanda.

Once you arrive at the park for this activity during your honeymoon, you will be required to attend a briefing at the Ntebeko visitor’s center, and later after, you will go ahead to the forest and search for the gorillas. Here, you will have a chance to ask for a closer gorilla trekking family, but in Mgahinga, you will have no such option since there is only one gorilla family found in this park. Once you have seen gorillas, you will be allowed only one hour of viewing the gorilla, after which you will return to your starting point and receive your certificate. As you are searching for the gorillas in the forest, you will be able to see other primates such as vervet monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, and black and white colobus monkeys, among others.

Bird watching on your honeymoon safari in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park: Imagine being in the wilderness with your loved ones and sharing the birding experience with other birders visiting Mgahinga National Park on your honeymoon safari.If you want to see several bird species in Mgahinga National Park, you should take the Gorge Trail, which is half way up the mountain Sabinyo.Montane habitat is available here, and you will spend about 4 hours looking at different species of birds. Some of the birds that you will be able to spot on this lucky day include Kivu Ground Thrust, Rwenzori Turaco, Malachite Sunbird, Double Collared Sunbird, and other species. It is reported that the park harbors more than 115 species of birds, which is so interesting.

Hiking Mgahinga National Park Mountains on your honeymoon safari in Mgahinga National Park requires some level of fitness as the couple if you want to have fun as you hike Mgahinga mountain.The Mgahinga National Park features three of the Mgahinga Mountains, which include Sabinyo, Gahinga Mountains, and Muhavura, and these are the best destinations for hiking, which is interesting. Hiking enables the couples to see the beautiful Mgahinga Forest Canopy from above, together with its varied vegetation types. Upon reaching the top of the summit of the Sabinyo Mountain, you will be able to see all three countries: Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Hiking in Mount Mgahinga National Park doesn’t need any special hiking equipment. Gahinga Mountain, which can be reached from Ntebeko after a six-hour hike through a bamboo forest and a swamp that is engulfed in the crater, The hiking safaris to and from Mount Sabyinyo last for about eight hours. As you move down from Peak 1 to Peak 2, the first of the three peaks that make up this mountain, Peak 2 is located along a slender ridge that guards stunning drops into vast gorges. Peak 3 is the final peak, and it requires a challenging, muddy ascent. After a full day of activities and memorable experiences, going back to your lodge with your spouse to retire to bed is absolutely fantastic.

Explore Batwa and Garamba Caves on your honeymoon safari in Mgahinga National Park. Although an east- or west-facing home is ideal, the Batwa families had to give up their house in order to protect mountain gorillas. Up until the early 1990s, when they were driven from their land in an effort to draw a distinction between people and mountain gorillas, the Batwa were a poor community whose only source of food was the forest. The Batwa guide is leading this community visit and is very knowledgeable from their prior experience. Tit begins at the base of Mount Muhavura and ends at Garama Cave. The Batwa prioritize family, so they show you their way of life as pygmies in the bush. They demonstrate their hunting techniques, the methods they used to gather wild honey, traditional folk performances, and much more. The Garama cave, which is close to the edge of Mgahinga National Park, is 342 meters long. In the past, the Batwa used to hide there after plundering the gardens of their farming neighbors. The Batwa’s council meeting place was also located in this cave. The Garama caves serve as both an auditorium for traditional Batwa performances and a memorial to their former lives.

Where to stay during your honeymoon safari in Mgahinga National Park

Yes, there is no enjoyment without the agreement factor, since this also contributes to the experience. There are several lodging options in Mgahinga National Park where couples participating in the Honeymoon Experience can stay during their five activities in the park. Some of these lodging options range from budget to midrange to luxury. The lodges that are adjacent to the park where you can stay include the Volcano Camp, Travelers Inn, Mountain Gahinga Lodge, Mutanda Lake Resort, and Community Camp, among others.

What is the best time to go for honeymoon safari activities in Mgahinga National Park?

Couples and other visitors who are interested in the 5 honeymoon activities in Mgahinga National Park are free to visit the park at any time of the year since it is always open. All five of the honeymoon activities described above can be carried out at any time of the year; however, it is important that you understand the weather forecasts and seasons to determine when is the best time for you to visit Mgahinga National Park for your honeymoon vacation. Due to the soft volcanic soils, which are affected by weather, the rainy seasons make the ground soggy. This is especially true from March to May and from November to December. As fewer sun rays pass through the thick canopy to dry the ground during this time, gorilla trekking on the slopes of ridges and plateaus can be quite confusing. Less undergrowth can be found near the trails in the drier months of June through September and January through February. These are the busiest times of year for gorilla safaris in Uganda. Due to the monkeys’ fear of water, which causes them to climb trees with more leaves where less rain can penetrate, the drier months of the year are more practical for golden monkey trekking.

What to bring for your 5 Mgahinga National Park honeymoon activities

  • Because the forest is a dense jungle with staining dirt that could ruin your clothes, you should wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants. You also need colors that blend in with the jungle environment. Avoid wearing military camouflage because Ugandan law prohibits non-military personnel from donning it.
  • Tracking boots are necessary for hiking the slopes of the Mgahinga Mountains while gorilla trekking because the terrain is wet.
  • A set of binoculars for a better view of the gorillas and other animals that live in the forest, such as monkeys, birds, and frogs.
  • After breakfast, eat some energy snacks to stay active. Avoid smoking in the presence of the mountain gorillas.
  • Insect repellents to shield your skin from insects’ stings that could harm it.
  • A torch to use if the lights go out at night. The majority of the lodges in this region rely on solar power, which occasionally results in blackouts because the panels’ batteries run out.
  • A set of gardening gloves for a tighter grip on creepers in case you slip while hiking.
  • Wear a cap or hat with a wide brim to keep the dew on the broad leaves’ surfaces off of your head.
  • In case you decide to do something like hire a porter or buy souvenirs, have some hard cash on hand to exchange into Ugandan shilling.
  • A second fully charged battery for your camera in case the first runs out of juice.

How to access Mgahinga National Park for your five honeymoon safari activities

By car, it takes 540 km to reach Mgahinga National Park from Kampala, via Kabale and Kisoro. If you don’t stop along the way, this drive takes about 8 hours. It takes about two hours to get to Ntebeko Gate via the Murram Road, which winds around mountains. You can enter Mgahinga National Park via Kisoro by traveling from the airport in Rwanda (Kigali) and then crossing the Cyanika border. Prior to your domestic flight, you can either charter a plane to Kisoro Airstrip or you can reserve daily flights at Entebbe Airport or Kajjansi Airstrip.

How to get a gorilla permit for gorilla trekking in Mgahinga

Gorilla trekking permits for Magahinga National Park are sold in accordance with the availability of the Nyakagezi gorilla family, which occasionally wanders into Rwanda and the D.R. Congo. For Mgahinga National Park, a gorilla permit costs $700 per person, per day, per trek.

Therefore, gorilla trekking, the Batwa community experience, bird watching safaris, hiking experiences, and the Golden Monkey Trekking Experience are the top five honeymoon safari activities to do in Mgahinga National Park. Just contact Africa Adventure Vacations for more information on these safari activities in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

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