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5 Best activities in Rwenzori National Park

5 Best activities in Rwenzori National Park

5 Best activities in Rwenzori National Park

5 Best activities in Rwenzori National Park: Mountain Ruwenzori national park is founds in south-western section of Uganda bounded Democratic Republic of Congo just adjacent to Virunga National Park. Mountain Rwenzori National Park is bordered with 3 derestricts that’s is Kabarole, Kasese, and Bundibugyo and the park is estimated to be about 387sq (km). Too many people call it mountain of the moon because of its famous natural beauty that rewards with spectacular viewing of green vegetation, rare plants, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and the mountains. This makes it so unique and hence rewarding to the travelers who visit it for adventure. Therefore, that’s why the UNESCO declared it as a world heritage site in 1994 and the park is under the management of Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Further the Park features different mountain ranges which are the main components of the park and they are ranked as the 3rd highest mountain ranges in Africa. These mountain ranges include mount bakers which is 5th in Africa, mount Speke which is number 4 in Africa and the famous mount Stanley’s peak also known as Margherita which is the third highest peak in Africa which raises 16762 feet. Other small ranges include mount Luigi da Savoia, mount Gessi, Mount Emin pashs.

History has it that Mt Rwenzori was formed 3 million years ago in late Pliocene epoch as a result of uplifting block of crystalline rocks including gneiss, amphibolite. The uplift divided the paleolake ‘’obweruka’’ and created three of present-day African great lakes, Lake Albert, Lake, Edward and lake George. Rwenzori national park is the last explored and undiscovered national park in Uganda because of the spectacular scenic view of green vegetation, brilliant peaks like Gessi, Emin among others. Mountain Rwenzori has several activities practiced by travelers and these include mountain climbing, nature etc based on this background, today we are looking at 5 Best activities in Rwenzori National Park and these are discussed in detail below

Hiking and nature walk  in Mountain Rwenzori National Park; This is the  one of the major 5 Best activities in Rwenzori National Park  and it is an outdoor activity that involves walking across long distance generally on trails or path. This is an ultimate activity and also a significant opportunity to the traveler who prefer to confront in natural wonders. Mountain Rwenzori has got so many amazing hidden treasures which you can discover through carrying out nature walk and hiking. This activity is done by the guide who leads you to the trails which directs you to the panoramic view of creatures like Buraro chimp forest, Lake Muhooma and you can as well do the hiking passing through the communities of Bundibugyo area through the bwamba, Kichamhe to the Karangura ridge. The nature which is conducted in Rwenzori can also lead you to the communities like of Ruboni and Turaco view which provides of guide natural forest walks with in the park. Through the nature walk can as well also see River Mubuku and great views of mount baker and portal peaks as you hike up to 2300m above the sea but when hiking you must be can about viewing glorious chameleon, and vervet monkeys.

Wildlife viewing as one of the 5 Best activities in Rwenzori National Park: Rwenzori mountain national park has got various number of wildlife species for travelers to view among these includes elephants, giant forest hong, leopards, bushbucks, golden cats, blue monkeys, Angola colobus monkey, chimpanzees, black and white colobus, Rwenzori otter, Rwenzori climbing mouse among others. The Park also offers an amazing scenic view of land scape with impenetrable green forest tree and other special vegetation, you can as well enjoy the favorable sunshine cold and heavy rainfall in which helps in the growth of these plantations that can’t be seen elsewhere on other. Mountain Rwenzori is also notable of 3 horned chameleon which is also major tourist activities.

Culture encounter as the 5 best activities in Ruwenzori National Park; This is an amazing activity practiced on mountain Rwenzori national park. This cultural encounter gives visitors an opportunity to interact with the local people and learn more about their cultures. These ethnic people include Bakozo, bakonjo, bamba people who demonstrate their local life style while on safari in these communities there are pass ways that are followed such as Bulemba-ihandiro cultural trail where you will experience traditional healer muhima, weaving, traditional fire making and also Kamusonger River. A visit you can pay to Bakozo people you will never regret it through enjoying their incredible dance performance and also exciting drumming activities, and you can as well learn how to prepare their meal with them this makes an extra ordinary experience.

Mountain climbing 5 Best activities in Rwenzori National Park;  Mountain climbing adventure safari  in Mountain Rwenzori is the one of the major 5 best activities in Rwenzori National Park which proximately known for the visitors  and it is good for  sport of attaining, or attempting to attain, high points in mountainous regions, mainly for the pleasure of the climb. Mountain climbing is the most prominent activity practiced on mountain Rwenzori national because it hosts 3rd highest peak in the entire Africa called Margarita where you will be challenged to the top.  Travelers who enjoy mountain climb mount Rwenzori is a favorite destination to meet were by you will be able to view spectacular nature like glacial lakes, gorgeous viewpoints, dramatic mountain passes lush valley. When you are climbing mount Rwenzori there are several stunning passes which heads you to the peak;

Firstly; Kilembe trails, where traveler has to ascend to the southern slopes of mount Rwenzori from trailhead at kilembe which is near kasese town. The high you hike it leads to the route of nyamwamba valley passing along glacial lakes and admirable viewpoints before connecting the circuit at Lake Kitandara. The central circuits trail; this is the most interest trail leading you to the peak but it’s a bit challenging. It provides wonderful circular tour of the high Rwenzori. From the path of mihunga the route ascends to bujuku valley passing via nyabitaba for clear reaching the peak you can continue climbing through the mubuku valley. At this point the climbers able to see the white snow peak through this may require some fitness.

Birding as 5 Best activities in Rwenzori National Park; Mountain Rwenzori is also one of the best birding sites destinations for birders with over 217 bird species. Travelers who enjoy birding here is an opportunity where you can view different bird species which can be spotted in mountainous forest. These birds include handsome francolin, Golden winged sunbirds, red-faced crimson, montane masked, cuckoo-shrike, Rwenzori nightjar, long-eared owl, dwarf Honeyguide, Scarlet tufted malachite sunbird, illadoposis, grauer’s cuckoo-shrike among other. These birds attract many tourists because all located in mountains not other birds which it special.

Where to stay during your 5 best activities in Ruwenzori national park

Though mountain Rwenzori national is mountainous there is a variety of accommodation in the park where travelers are to stay. The accommodation provided in the park ranges from mid-range to luxury with comfortable bedroom as such lodges includes; Rwenzori backpackers, ihamba lakeside safari loge, tour holiday inn, Equator snow lodge, Ruboni community, Rwenzori turaco view campsite and many others which makes visitors comfortable and enjoy their adventure.

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